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Easter – the Fertility Festival of Spring | We Are Vibratory Beings.  This is a great article for everyone to read, please do enjoy it and have a most blessed season of new life and fertility.

While I personally do not celebrate Easter on the day as the Christians, I do celebrate the Spring Equinox, Ostara (Celtic), and the Persian New Year I do honour the ways of the this season we are currently in. As Persephone, Proserpina also Kore is celebrated as she returns to the land of the Living by the hands of Mercury delivering her from the hands of Hades to her Mother and Goddess of Earth; Demeter she is the Saviour of the Old Religionists, she is the bringer of life and all things new and she brings us all healing upon her return to the land of the living.

On this day we celebrated in my home with a dish of an omelets of egg, ricotta chesse, green olives, and chicken with potatoes. This is a meal of healing, new life, eating of what comes from under the earth as well as of above the earth. The olives are sacred to Old Religionists as it is the main oil in all of our cooking and magical workings it is also the oil we use to anoint. The Olive Tree is the only tree that does not endure disease of any kind it self heals from the inside out and it is one of the oldest of trees in which we use not only the fruit it bears but the oil it brings. Eggs are of renewal and new life it is the womb of the Mother where all things are created, cheese is of the milk of the mother in which nourishes us all and the chicken the one that hatches the eggs we eat during this time.

While we too partake of meals of fish and all things of yellow and orange in colour as they are the colours of the Sun and healing and the Light that we are once again returning to being dominant over the lands.

Blessed Spring Equinox, Easter, Ishtar, Ostara. This season is of very ancient roots.

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  1. Ariana

    Please do note, this article is written by a Christian group and the posting is copy and pasted to her blog and the link from mine.

    A warning was posted on the posting blog and it is a follows;

    As embarrassing as this is to admit, the article below is an excerpt from a Christian-cult-type website. the House of Yahweh, titled “An Easter Rememberance.”

    good background material, though, for anyone who wonders how much we’ve been misled by our “religious,” and “spiritual” shepherds for so long. so glad I don’t bleet “I believe” anymore.

    To those curious about the occult – I caution against delving too deeply into the debauchery associated with the pagan rituals discussed below. they will upset your view of reality and hurt your soul. seriously – depraved goings-on, combining sex, blood sacrifice, and cannibalism. and it gets worse, but as I mentioned above, you really DON’T want to know.

    Words from Ariana, the Occult when practiced right is not a path of any of the above mentions, we honour the children, women, humanity and things sacred the goings on mentioned above that are in this article are of those who follow a much darker path and not one I personally would associate to Craft or the Occult. While many such acts were common in ancient times it is not common today, nor accepted behaviour in my family or our teachings. The occult and all sects of that are of the Old Religion and Earth practices alike are heavily misrepresented by the Church and or individuals of said religion. Many times the occult has been a target and blamed for acts that have had nothing to do with us. The Craft is a beautiful path and one I am honoured to be a Priestess and Reverend of in my own life.

    Note: As it is written by The Prophetic Word magazine; Prophetic Word magazine 11-2010; Easter; The Christian Celebration Of Easter—The New International Dictionary Of The Christian Church, by J.D. Douglas, Zondervan Publishing, Grand Rapids, MI, 1974, page 322, gives the following information about the Christian celebration called Easter:

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