Can the Moon Affect Healing?

This is a great article, and as a healer as well as a Traditional Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor I work with energy all the time, I have done readings for people who have gotten ill and this is called Medical Astrology made popular by Nicholas Culpepper with the focus on the location and sign in which the Moon was located in when one became ill, and following its path would show how long an illness would afflict that individual.
Also in Medical Astrology there is a great work that was at one point (I do not know about today), written by H.L. Cornell which focuses on the astrological position of the planets and the Moon when looking at certain afflictions in the body and mind in a client.
Personally I think this work should be used today by practicing medical doctors it would be of a great benefit to those diagnosing dis-eases today.  Many diseases can be found when looking at the specific location of the planets, Moon or signs in one’s native chart.
An example being when one has Saturn in Virgo in the tenth house shows the child born with either some form of disfigure or mental issues.  This is also true when one has Aquarius in the twelfth house on the issue of mental issues.
If more modern-day medical doctors, medical as well as psychological used Medical Astrology in their practices I believe so many more dis-eases would be cured and a way to pin point in one’s life when it occurred how to target the treatment to relieve this aliment quicker.
The Moon is the Mother of the signs in Cancer being it’s home sign.  It is the sign of the natural mother, the home, the heart, compassion and healing.  The Moon came before the light and is powerful in her perigee and apogee.


  1. Ariana

    Thank you for sharing your comments, on the latter part I would be careful using one’s belief structure as to the cause of medical issues. Many of these issues are caused by the placement of one’s Moon or even their rising sign at birth and issues if showing in one’s native chart can manifest later in life.

    I have found that when one has for example Saturn in Virgo in the 10th house this shows the Mother or if it is in Father’s chart that a child born will be with either mental issues or physical deforms, as well as a rising in Aquarius can bring mental issues, bi-polar and manic tendencies. Yet, when Jupiter is in one’s rising can bring about issues with gambling if ill placed (addiction) as can any water sign in the rising if ill.

    Beliefs are what guide us, I do agree through that if one is with mental issues they should avoid the Occult for it will only magnify those mental issues.

    Many Blessings

  2. Ariana

    I looked at your site it is nice. Thank you for sharing the link, I will add it onto the links section.

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