Join the largest online magical conference Occultist from all over the world together in one place. I will be presenting my Plantary Magic Class, be sure to get your tickets in advance this is going to be an amazing event.

Darcie is available for you, book your appointment today by calling her at 978-210-2423, please leave a message and she will return you call asap.  Available dates are set at the time of your appointment.

Virtual Appointments open to book today!

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PST availability for Skype, WhatsApp or Phone Readings.

Psychic Readings appointments as well as Traditional Astrology, Healing, Clergy Services, House Cleansing and more, contact Ariana today at 978-210-2423 or email her at

Until Further Notice my Services will be limited to Virtual Appointments only.  I will only be available for Psychic Readings until further notice.

Darcie is a straightforward, yet compassionate and emphatic reader who shares with her clients whatever Spirit wants them to know. At times, a voice speaks through her if there is a specific message from the other side that needs to be communicated, so don’t be surprised if Darcie’s voice seems to change during your reading. Some psychics speak really fast as the information and messages pour in, but Darcie takes the time to listen to Spirit, so if she suddenly stops talking, it’s because Spirit has a message for you. A professional reader for over 20 years, Darcie hopes her clients get the answers, clarity, hope, inner peace and enlightenment they need to have a positive life. Leading a more positive life is a goal Darcie wants you to have and her one-on-one care and attention can help you achieve it. Give her a call today and get the answers you need to live your most fulfilling.

Traditional Astrology Readings read more about what your Personalized Native or Annual Reading includes.

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Darcie is the HPs of Temple of Diana which she founded back in 2004 April 21, and it is based out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as being a Chapter 180 Religious Organization, and as a 501 c 3 since the year 2006.  With Chapters in Ohio and Oregon.  In 2010 December Darcie designed the Temple of Diana’s Official seal and Pendant which was designed and produced by the Peter Stone Co, USA.

There is such a vast amount of knowledge out there and it saddens me to see so many deny others, solely based off of what another person by free will chooses to believe.  We all must open up our hearts only then can we open up our minds to what is truly out there, the mind is a place of knowledge, wisdom, an awakening and understanding of all things, even those things we may not understand and many to this day fear out of lack of knowledge.

Darcie invites you to stop by and sit a spell and just enjoy the articles here that are for the public arena to enjoy.  Want to read all of our articles, check out the Blog page here on the website on our Articles/Blog page to the right on the side bar and about on the page tabs.

Blessings In the Light and Dark

Darcie Vélez – Witch Priestess

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Please Call me today for your appointment over the phone 978-210-2423

Traditional Astrology Readings read more about what your Personalized Native or Annual Reading includes. 

Darcie invites you to stop by and sit a spell and just enjoy the articles here that are for the public arena to enjoy. Want to read all of our articles, check out the Blog page here on the website on our Articles/Blog page to the right on the side bar and about on the page tabs.

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Disclaimer:  Due to the current Covid-19 and in following all State and CDC Recommendations of Social Distancing all Appointments will be via Skype, WhatsApp or Phone.  

Cancellation fees will apply to all appointments with less than and not limited to a 24 hour period prior to appointment.  What you have to pay prior to rescheduling an appointment are the following; Half of your scheduled appointment time, mileage and parking.   


  1. Ariana Clausen Velez

    Welcome to the newly revamped Written on Diana’s Mirror website, the Official Website of Ariana Clausen – Velez. Please enjoy the works on this site, our book reviews, books we have for purchase and more. Also if you would like a reading, please contact Ariana directly for an appointment over the phone or for a full detailed emailed reading.

    As we come to the upcoming season of Spring a time of new life, renewal, birth and the awakening of Apollo and the like gods of the various pantheons in which are honoured in all of the cultures we honour the Ancient Ones here always.

    I wish for you all a blessed season of joy, health, happiness, peace and may you all have a wonderful spring time.

    Many Blessings to you All

  2. Ariana

    A new post has been added, entitled What do you find Challenging about being a High Priestess.

  3. Ariana

    An update on the release and pre-release KDP, and Amazon Europe publication of the Black Walnut Anthology Vol III has been posted here as well as on the Official Website of the Black Walnut Anthology at

  4. Ariana

    Let us remember those who lives were lost and effected by the bombing in Boston let us light our candles and lift up all as we will overcome and Mikael will destroy our enemies. Raise our swords and let us be the warriors of this land as our ancestors were in past centuries and generations keeping our land safe and sound.

  5. Ariana

    Here is the Kindle version of Vol III, click here to order your version today, it is also available on and Amazon Europe as well as the main link in CreateSpace, Shoppe Owners if you would like to order copies I will be creating a special discount code for orders of six copies or more. Please contact me at for more information.

    We will be selling it in Magika in Salem, MA as well for those who would like to purchase the book version. More details to follow on when it will be in Magika’s Shoppe at 63R Wharf Street; Pickering Wharf, Salem, MA 01970.

    Also you may order your copy on and Amazon Europe now Black Walnut Anthology Vol III is now available on and Europe our link for is . Amazon Europe links differ depending on the country you are purchasing.

  6. Ariana

    I am working on adding a new page to my website. Clergy and Consultation Services, it will outline what Cleric services I provide in Puerto Rico and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Ordained Reverend.

    I will also be adding a new page for Client and Viewer Comments and Reviews for those past and present clients whom I have either read for in Traditional Astrology, Tarot or in performing Legal Marriages and Handfastings.

    I am available and taking on new clients and am available to book for Cleric Services.


  7. Ariana

    I just added on a new link it is Scribes of Thoth it is an amazing book store with recommendations of occult works for all levels of study and training. It is below under Book Store.

    I hope you enjoy the selections in which are provided for you all.


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