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Working on a new project. I am putting together a platform for a regular event in the Google+ Hangouts on the Air to have a monthly show with special guests where it will be an on-line video platform to discuss paganism, the occult and practices in all traditions. I have set up the YouTube channel and I am waiting on the person I have contacted to be our first guest, my first request could not do it due to video issues on her computer.

This will be a great platform and it will be used monthly to have great discussions and talks about all paths of the Occult and the Western Mysteries. Once I get a confirmation I am going to set the event for the 12th of October at 12:00 AST/EDT and 11:00 CDT.

The one thing is to be invited you have to have a Google+ profile and in my circles to be able to attend the event.

I am going to post my Google+ ID so you can add me to your circles or so you can create one and join mine. This will benefit the Temple and the Craft as we can interview guests from all over the world and we can meet those persons who we have worked with for years face to face and have some amazing discussions on the Ancient Ways.

Here is my profile so you can add me to your circles or create a new one

Once a show has been finished it will be on our YouTube Channel you will also be able to watch it live on the air from YouTube or from my Profile page inside of Google+.

The Fixed Connection will be hosting their first of many virtual Workshops!!!


Workshop:  The Basics of Astrological Magic and Talismans

Presented by Ariana Afsanay de Ly

Register Today:

Date:  2014 July 5
Time:  3:00 – 4:30 pm PDT
Cost:  $65.00 (contact me directly, please with any questions)


In this workshop we will be covering the basics of Astrological magic with a focus on discussing what is astrology, the ancient zodiac signs from Mesopotamia. We will also be looking at the star charts of Babylonian as… they are used even today when focusing on working with their influences in Mediaeval magic and talismans and how according to the Babylonian the signs were in the wheel prior to today’s wheel layout.

We will also be discussing the zodiac signs, colours and numbers associated along with the virtues, spirits and intelligence/s that rule them when working directly with a specific planet and seal.

Finally we will be looking at how we calculate the magic we cast by looking at the Witches Timepiece and planetary hours (lower magic) and the days of the week and the best hours to cast magic.

It is very important to have a basic knowledge and understanding of the celestial system prior to casting any magic, magic is from those realms of the invisible and when we do our work we call on the spirits, intelligences, the Gods and Goddesses which are directly above us in the planets that move throughout the heavens. When we do our work we are invoking the very nature of the Universe at the Mental level and if you do not know what you are doing, I think that say it all.

Location: Google Hangouts so you must have a Google acct to attend.

The Workshop will cost 65.00 per person and each person will receive a file of the topic to follow along, however, this will only be provided after you register and you shall receive your file the day of the workshop.

Payment options shall be posted on my website at, I do have the Square and will be having an online payment option for this amazing workshop.

Register Today:


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