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Tonight will be a great show, we will be talking about the upcoming Retrograde and more. Tune in and we look forward to your calling in and talking with us.

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Bee Rose Cross Pendant

Bee Rose Cross Pendant

Designed by Ariana with permission from Lori Bruno to include her Cross design.

The Bee Rose Cross Pendant’s designer Ariana Clausen – Vélez and produced by the Peter Stone Jewellery, Co, USA.   When you buy your piece it is consecrated and blessed prior to shipment. If you would not like it blessed or consecrated please put that in the Notes when purchasing your piece.

I am selling each one for $216.00 this includes the shipping fee for Flat Rate Small.  This is a one of a kind design and once sold they will be gone.

They are pure .999 silver and measure to 56mm in width and height and the bail measures 7.5mm. Wash in luck warm and soapy water using Wright’s Silver Cream to clean the silver, it is kosher grade and will not damage the enamelling or the 18kt vermeil plating.

If you would like to order directly from me, just send $216.00 to via and once I receive the shipment in I will get them out to those persons who have ordered them.

They are powerful in magic and carry powerful symbols.

The image is Service Marked and a Copyright/All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce this image unless you are an authorized seller of this piece.

Many Blessings to All



BEWARE of False Prophets

We need to ban together to do work with the Storm Gods to Cease and Desist all this destruction.  Pray for all who have lost their lives and for those who have survived that they find peace through all of this.  Join in with your local charities to aid where you can, this is out to All of Temple of Diana, Inc Members and those of you who are under Rev. Lori Bruno, Elder of Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church.  As Priests/Priestesses and Reverends of not only the Craft but of All Religions this is part of our duties to Serve and Work with the Gods.

We ask you also BEWARE of false Prophets who are projecting the end of days for their gain say, their group energy is causing this terrible energy pattern in the Earth, start to Positive, health, happiness, Sunshine and the Balance of Nature unto Mankind and this entire planet and our Solar System.  This negative force has been created by a doomsday prophets who have better change their ways, their mindsets and in the last book of Revelations 22: 18-21 of their religion it clearly states NO ONE KNOWS when the exact time comes for the end, except the creator and creatirx the be aware of the false prophets, DO NOT SUPPORT THEM with your vital energies, nor your hard earned cash.

Notice where the patterns are in the South where this FALSE prophet is from and now he is again predicting another date, BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS, they are the ones who are bringing destruction.

Read your own book.


Many Blessings to All and May all be Blessed with Prosperity and Protection

Rev. Lori Bruno, Elder

Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church & Temple of Diana


HPs Ariana Clausen Velez, Reverend

Temple of Diana & Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church