20th August 2017 — Solar Eclipse Energies

Solar Eclipse Chart


This Eclipse is above the earth in the Mid-heaven and this means that following in the next five to eight months the effects shall start to be seen and shall be in affect from anywhere from six to fourteen months.

This Eclipse is located in the tenth house and the ten house represents the following;

The Tenth House:

We have here the house that rules higher levels of the government, and that of the ruling class of all countries nation’s prestige, its “aristocracy,” and the opinion other countries hold of the nation. This is where the national identity becomes wholly conscious and strives to achieve the most ample portions of the collective dream.

Being a Solar Eclipse and in Leo of the third face/decan of the sign, this eclipse portends an increase in building fires, the breaking down of government as we also have Mars in conjunction with the Sun and this will show an increase in wars, conflicts it will also have an impact on imprisonment of corruption with high level figures, military interference in towns and cities as well as an increase in violent death as well as more younger men in death.  With the fire energy we shall see more in the ways of gun shot deaths across the globe.  Diseases of the blood are also common and as Leo rules the heart a rise in heart diseases.  It also presages and increase in looting as well as the destruction of holy places with Mercury being in the nature of this placement of the eclipse with Leo there is also to be presages an increase in rains, thunder and lightening storms and I have been feeling for some time we may even see martial law occur in some areas.

With this being a fire sign Eclipse I would recommend for protection upon your home and body, on the night of this Eclipse to light a Red Candle and place it in your East Window where the Sun will originally come through as well as lighting and invoking the energy of Michael the Archangel to protect your home and body from harm of any kind and to be wise.

Many people are fascinated by the sight of Eclipses, but dating back as far as they have occurred they have always been that of bad omens.  It is the blocking of the light in which creates this energy.  The ancients knew this as did all other cultures that worked with the heavens and stars daily as their guide to the seasons and when it was best to plant, move, marry and more.





Blessed Summer Solstice


Magic is all around you all you have to do is look Inside of Yourself. As we come to the Magical Season of the Summer Solstice a time of the Solar God Ra, Apollo, Ra Horakaty, Lugh, in the Eastern cultures they honour the Sun in some countries as the Goddess who was the creation of light from the darkness.

This is a season in which we find healing at a deep level, from within from the astral and in seeking out the heat of the Sun to remove all those things from our lives, bodies and minds that ail many. Let the Rays of the Solar God bring healing to you as we entre the longest day of the year a time of fertility both on the and in our lives as well. Something I learned today, as from the country of my Great Grandmother who is from Sweden on this day the Summer Solstice it is the that more babies are conceived than any other day of the year and nine month later many babies are born. In the far regions in the North; Thrace, Sweden, Finland this is a day in which lasts for 22-23 hours of day light the Sun does not set. In my Great Grandmothers village Darlena, Sweden they erect the Solar Pole for the entire year to bring all good things to all who live there and celebrate to this day as they did before Christianity.

This is a powerful and magical time when the veil is open for the spirits to pass into this realm, to join in dance of the fires as we jump to promote fertility and healing to our families and the cattle as they do in the Celtic lands of the UK. Let us too see that at the end of this magical day we again look to the time of harvesting and this is the cutting away of those things and removing them from the land and our lives that need as we do the healing we must cut away for the healing to fully manifest in our lives.

Let the Father Sky, the Solar God bring you all healing, health, joy, love and all those things of good into your life and may all be Blessed and have Success, Health, Love, and Joy in their lives.

My Love to you All this Summer Solstice. I will be dancing the balefire at the beach enjoying the fire of the God and the Water of the Mother doing some healing work for those in need.


Total Solar Eclipse of 2012 Nov 13

Total Solar Eclipse of 2012 Nov 13

07 October 2012

What did the Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon say about Eclipses? Omens from Eclipses; I have not informed the king, my lord of the account of the eclipse with my own mouth, I have not yet written, so I send to the king. Of the eclipse, it’s evil up to the very month, day, watch, point of the light where it began and where the Moon pulled and drew off its eclipse—these concern its’ evil. {Quoted from No: 268 of The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon in the British Museum, Part Two, by R. Campbell Thompson}.

When looking at an eclipse, you firstly want to look at the geographical area in which it is seen from, this is the region/s in which will be affected mostly by the eclipses and the predictions. Yet, as unlike in Ancient times there were only so many geographical areas in which they could directly affect, now today, we must look at how it affects one region and from what occurs how it will ultimately affect the nation and world as a whole.

The region in which this Eclipse is most visible and at totality in the Southern Hemisphere in the South Pacific Ocean with a partial view from New Zealand and from the western coast countries of South America and parts of Antarctica directly south of Argentina. As there are no land masses in the area where the Total Solar Eclipse is at totality I am calculating it from Tuatapere, New Zealand. However, this eclipse will be seen throughout Australia, the Great Barrier Reef and then out into the South Pacific Ocean. At this instant, the axis of the Moon’s shadow passes closest to Earth’s centre. The maximum duration of totality is 4 minutes 2 seconds, the Sun’s altitude is 68°, and the path width is 179 kilometres. Continuing across the vast South Pacific, the umbral shadow’s path ends about 800 kilometres west of Chile at 23:48 UT.

When we look at the Ascendant sign for this eclipse it is in Gemini and Mercury being the planet that rules the sign, shows winds, windy storms, high winds, stormy and violent weather boisterous weather and it will stir up the Wind which in this case is Jupiter and will cause many thunder and lightning storms, tempests, in the hotter countries Earthquakes, so in the South Americas along the western coast line watch for more earthquakes along with heavy rains and with Mercury in opposition to the Ascendant being in Gemini with Jupiter retrograded in Gemini. In mundane astrology this shows effects on society and humanity throughout the world in finances and means of survival. However, if you have Jupiter in your Native chart in a benefic position or exalted then you are okay, however, if you were born with an eclipse in your chart the effects will affect you more as an individual as well.

This eclipse the Sun is in Scorpio and sits in the sixth house with the Moon, the sun and moon are conjunct with the Moon being fast and combustible in its nature, as well as being a New Moon and conjunct with Saturn, the Sun being in opposition to the Ascendant which is ruled by Gemini a human sign in Jupiter and Jupiter being retrograded. The effects of the Sixth House: We have the house of service workers, the employed classes, along with political affiliations such as trade unions (i.e., United Auto Workers), and political parties. The military is associated with the 6th house as is national defence. Civil servants (Linda Tripp!), public health works such as the CDC and National Institutes on Alcoholism, health workers such as nurse practitioners, and volunteers. This eclipse will have an effect on humanity.

The effects of the Eclipse are determined by how many hours it is visible in the sky with this one being visible for only four minutes and two point one seconds the effects will be much faster. An example is if we have an eclipse that lasts for five hours then the effects of this eclipse will be following after eighteen months for no less than five years. With it being in minutes the effects will manifest quicker and harsher, within months.

This eclipse is in the sign of Scorpio and in the third decanate it shows that of some stranger tyrant, the slothfulness of a former King and placing it onto his people (this can denote any who has served or has ruled over a country or nation with people under the rule of the government), sometimes it will portend that of a deporting or impeachment of them due to great dislike for him. When I speak here, this is of a former leader who seeks to destroy or undermine that of the current one. Someone who will try to infiltrate into the current leaders administration to bring him and the country, this is a person who has no regard for humanity or its’ wellbeing.

This eclipse the Sun is below the earth and this means that the effects are weaker than if it was above the earth, and with the eclipse being in the western house of the chart this denotes that the effects will begin manifesting nine, ten, eleven or twelve months following this eclipse. Being that it rules diseases, war, and all arenas of politics we need to keep an eye out for upheavals in political races, an increase in troops going back on tour, diseases to the skin and blood that cause rashes and irritation to the skin, blood poisoning, nervous energy, and an increased amount of rage or those persons acting like ravaged dogs, a malefic, angry energy will increase, disagreements in politics and the military in how it is run will arise, keep an eye out on blue collar jobs being affected as well. With Scorpio being here one also needs to watch for a more addictive personality and an increase of alcoholism and foolishness as well as any form of addiction. We may see our nation’s defence system seek to bring our troops into other foreign lands to help of other countries wars.,

The actual length of this eclipse is three hours and one minute, with the greater part of the eclipse only visible for 4 minutes and 32 seconds. This shows that the effects will last for approximately three years from the date of the effects manifesting on a global level.