Feast of Mongfind i.e. Samhain (so wín)


Many Blessed and Greetings to All this Féile Moingfhinne i.e. Feast of Mongfind, Samhain, and Feast of the Dead. This is the time in which we honour those who came before us, our Ancestors those who came from the roots and earth of the Old Religion and always remembering where they truly came from, what the spirit of family, land, and the heart truly came from, from the land of the dead from the realms hidden inside the veils of the unseen and Greater Mysteries.  Mongfind means one of fair hair or white hair, she is also of the bean sidhe and she was the Queen of Ireland Foras Feasa ar Éirinn FFE 344-351 she was the head wife of Eochaid; he took a second wife, Cairenn, who gave birth to Niall of the Nine Hostages.  Several stories depict Mongfind as an adversary of her stepson. to learn more of her visit Mongfind.

What we know today as Halloween celebrated on the 31st of October is not the original date or name of the day, the original date for what we know and call Old Samhain (originally the Feast of Mongfind) was the 15 of November when inside the constellation Scorpio is at 15° over the Northern Hemisphere.  The 31st of October was the date in which the church gave to our day in a way to stop us from our celebrating and doing our rites, this gave us only two times a year to celebrate as is the case with most if not all of our sacred rite days.  Now, this is the time when the oldest magic of conjuring, divinations, communicating with the dead and doing sorcery to honour the dead.  We now as those who follow the Old Religion at least I myself personally do, do much of the magic for healing and renewal and ask those things of Hecate to manifest in the next year (this being on her day of feast the 30th of November) and if done on her day she will grant your wish for it to manifest one year from the date of your request.  There is many forms of magic done in this time, but do so with a pure heart and be justified in the works that you do, do for only then shall they manifest as you have cast them out to the Universe.

We are of many heritages, cultures, religions, traditions and paths in our lives, ancestors and our personal spiritual journeys, we must all remember that we do not have to agree with each other and how as individuals we practice and believe, but one should respect one another for having the free spirit and mind as an individual to practice those beliefs in which are deep in the heart of each of us and not worry so much about others and how they practice. If we all step up and honour the ways of Old, or honour the Gods and Goddesses, God, Allah, Budda, Orishas or whatever you choose to follow let us remember acceptance towards all humanity and respect one another for individual beliefs.

This Samhain season as with all I am reminded of many things, death, life, change, growth, loss, gain and most importantly the powers of the nature in which not one of us have any control over. Sandy was an evil disaster one in which I know was from the wrath of the Gods and the Mother of the Oceans to remind us who truly has the say over all life. We are mere ants in this world and as descendants to those ancestors who were from the lines of the Old Religion and of the path of Warriors, justice keepers, healers, prophets, readers of the stars, visions of the hidden realms and more we must remember we are here to work together not to harm those who seek our counsel and guidance.

My Ancestors are of the Milesian and of the line of Erimon, cousins to the Tuaha de Dannan, they fought and defeated the magic of the Tuaha to then become the last of the invaders of Ireland, but not before travelling over vast lands masses, and learning the arts of the ancient craft, Mongfind was the head wife of Eochaid the High King of Ireland. Eochaid had two wife’s, Mongfind and Cairenn she was of the family of Sachell Balb, King of the Saxons. Caireen was pregnant with my ancestor Niall of Niall of the Nine Hostages captures of St. Patrick and his sister. Mongfind so jealous of Caireen sought out to prove how much she loved her husband and on what we now call Samhain drank poison to prove her love to her husband and died, hence the beginning of what we today celebrate as Samhain. Originally Feast of Mongfind and originally dated it to have begun at the time of her death circe 351.  Mongfind means fair main. As the Queen of Ireland the people honoured her death and from this is where we today get Samhain the feast of the dead. Mongfind was later turned into a deity and is the known as the Sorcerer of Magic, while Caireen is known as the Goddess who protects children.

This time of year has a much deeper rooted meaning for myself as it is the one time of the year I have always felt most drawn too, the darkest time of the year (but only because it is when the sun sits lower on the earth) when those things that are hidden are revealed and seen. I find that when we understand the meaning of our festivals we better connect to the energy of the season. The Church calls this the season of the devil; the devil never was mentioned in any ancient works that of the Old Ways in any culture, it was only after the Church forced those who lived in the county side to convert was he created by the Church itself. There in honouring the dead is to remember where we came from, our roots and the deepest core of our true heritage. Yes, it is true not all can follow this path and work magic or walk with the dead, it is a path for those whose path it is destiny to wake our fate.

True witches/Witches, Crafters of the Wise, Priests, Priestesses, Shamans, and all such titles of the old have never needed to cover their faces or decisive themselves from being seen by the dead that at this time of the year when the veil is at it thinnest walk among the living to return home and visit their loved ones, miss out on something powerful.

Samhain is a time we honour the dead and all who have given and had their lives taken for us to have the liberties we have today. During this time of the dead as well as the forever living for this is the true meaning of death, in death we live in life we are dead, take time and really give your heart some focus on what this time means to you.  For those whom you have and do love who are no longer amoung the physical realms set them a plate at the table and dine with them in silent, prepare a dish of favourite for them and invite them home.  Place their photo for all to see and talk about them and light your spirit candles for them all.  Welcome them home for in this time they do walk amongst the living Honour your Ancestors and remember them always, for they are never truly dead they are always living just not always there in the physical.

To my family and friends and those who are of my Craft family I shall miss gathering with you all in this year, but I shall see you all soon and we shall celebrate next year in honouring our ancestors.

May all be blessed in the Feast of Mongfind i.e. Samhain (so wín) Blessings, Prosperity and Health to all in the coming year.


Responsibilities of Leaders in the Occult Communities; A Rant!!!

When we of the Western Mysteries, Occultists, Crafters, Old Religionists, Priests and Priestesses of the Gods and Goddesses are in the public light we are held to a higher standard and others feel that without knowing anything of us as a person, magician, witch, or whatever title they have the right to point fingers and speak behind the keyboard about 9 times out of 10 that have nothing to do with… them at all.

I have been in the Occult for many, many years born into it from a very old blood line and I have to say I see so many who claim to be leaders fall far short of that position. When we stand as Leaders in the Occult we are that Leaders we are to be of a higher standard to set examples by our works, deeds, actions and when we have those who seek us out for healing, protection, counselling, and to teach them we must lead by example. We must stand up and defend when something is wrong, sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss what is going on instead of pointing fingers and just assuming something of another person, or their teachings. We are to build up those who seek us out, not knock them down, we celebrate their growth as we all as individuals must do our OWN work in order to find the truth, to become a practicing witch, magician, crafter, druid and so on, it is not the teacher, the teacher is a guide who provides the tools and from their example of working with others, teaching, doing their studies and comparing systems and teaching methods also develop.

My “True Mother” told me one time that we are only validated by the Gods, but they too can take it away, they can wipe our minds of what we have been shown and taught when we use our work to harm others, voice false claims or false witness of others. I have learned in this world that unless you have the FACTS and can back up what you are saying it is best to keep your mouth shut. The internet has allowed for many cowards out there to hide behind the keyboard with their words and when called to the carpet they turn and run for they the facts are not on their side.

Too much I see good people, Priestesses, Priests, Magicians attacked in the media or by other parties from other groups, but are you willing to do so to their face are you willing to sit down and have a cup of coffee to make peace when you know you have wronged?   Not many would, this is what is wrong today so few have the value or quality that they are willing to step up and take responsibility for their actions. I am not saying that all are false, but when it is and when it affects the community as a whole it is time to have a sit down.

We are draw from the same well and source in our magic and when one brings poison to the well it affects the entire source.


My rant for today.



A Rant to a Posting in another Community.

While I have not been in on this discussion and do not know what sparked it and the need to fuel such fires.

I myself am a practicing Strega Witch and would like to say a few things based solely off of this posting below.  When it comes to defining evil to a religion, I do not consider any Religion evil, I do however, consider those men who run it to be mislead and in the manipulation of its’ teachings to create evil and from that more evil is breed.  The true Jesus Tradition was not focused on such hate toward others or their beliefs it was based on opening one’s eyes and heart to the Truth, the truth that existed and does exist within each of us as well as within the Earth herself.  To many have taking their own liberties to make Christianity what they want it to be instead of what it is truly.  It should be about the Christ nature that is within us all, whether we are of the Old Ways of Philosophy and Magic knowning that our Gods and others live in the dimensions and heavens Above Us, and knowing that they too live within us as we live So Below.  They are the Dark and the Light and you cannot have one without the other, both and necessary for balance in all things.  To Know Thyself is to know this and to Nothing in Excess is to understand that this exists in order for us to be of Balance.

Do not get me wrong I do not condone any of the evil in which the Church has put on our community and its’ people this dating all the way back to the times of Hypatia and the first Pagan Kings, Emperors and those persons who were open to the Ways of Old and the Old Religion.  It was out of fear that they do what they do, for they are ignorant and do not Know Thyself.  And those who have and do continue to commit such evils will be expected to pay a very high price, for karma is collected now, not in the next life.  Karma is “action”, be it good or bad you will always be held accountable as an individual and as one who leads a Religion.  Never assume you evil doers get away with your acts, your actions are always seen and always known and the Gods will allow you room and then they come for full payment.

As a Strega I respect all faiths for to stick my nose up at one I do the same to my own, to point a finger at another I point that same finger back at me.  Yes, it is true that we are the Only Religion that has NEVER waged a war, or started a war in the name of Our Gods and we Never will, for it is not who we are or our Gods.  The Gods As Above do what is necessary and they give us information and knowledge, they give us hard times to see who and what we are made of, are we worthy to be their Priestesses and Priests this is our test.  Do we mistreat another person simply based on colour, religion, race, creed, No I think not.  We give to those that come to us for help no matter what they seek.

Diana herself never turned away any man, woman, child or animal from her Temple she always opened the doors for all, for in the end the one things that defines who we truly are, is our Heart and nothing more.  In the Halls of Maát when one passes all the tests of the 42 Gates and gets to the point of final judgment of the weighing of one’s heart by the Scales of Maát, if her feather is outweighed by ones’ heart it is known that, that person has done wrong and they will be devoured to never be reincarnated to human form and to never be at peace for they are NOT allowed to pass to the Afterlife, however, if one’s heart is of equal weight one is seen for their Soul and is allowed to continue their journey into the Afterlife and to one day be reincarnated back to the family they are of or that their heart is of.