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Ariana1This is the time of year when the spirits are out and are walking amongst the living, it is again when the veil is thinnest and the gateways open for our ancestors to cross over into our realm and return home to visit and have their favourite meal.

It is also the time when all forms of divination, spell casting, messages from the spirits come through for loved ones, a time of removal of those things we need to harvest and cut away from our lives.

There are so many questions we all have and Ariana is here to bring you some clarity, enlightenment, understanding and to find the answers you have been seeking. Ariana was born an old soul and is a natural psychic, she communicates through the stars, the spirits, the angels and brings you answers to your questions. Ariana is compassionate and will be there to help you find your way, your empowerment and who you are and what you need to make you life better.

Call her today and book your Samhain, New Year reading at 978-210-2423, she is available for face to face in the Greater Portland, Gresham metro area as well as for phone readings. She brings a bright light to all, call her today for your psychic reading, she is there for you.

This is what in the Old Ways we know as Samhain (so wín), it is our New Year when we communicate on your behalf to bring messages over from the other side. This is when we offer our blessings to our Ancestors in remembering them for what role they have played in our lives and our paths we walk upon today. It is the time when we ask for blessings for the year ahead for those whom we love, but most of all it when we open up ourselves to messages that will bring wisdome and understanding into our lives.

There are so many questions we all have and Ariana is here to bring you some clarity, enlightenment, understanding and to find the answers you have been seeking. Ariana was born an old soul and is a natural psychic, she communicates through the stars, the spirits, the angels and brings you answers to your questions. Ariana is compassionate and will be there to help you find your way, your empowerment and who you are and what you need to make you life better.

Call her today and book your Samhain, New Year reading at 978-210-2423, she is available for face to face in the Greater Portland, Gresham metro area as well as for phone readings. She brings a bright light to all, call her today for your psychic reading, she is there for you.

Have an amazing week and many blessings and may you all be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity for in truly giving back you shall always be blessed. Be the beacon of light that shines so bright it destroys all the negative in this world.

Many Blessings
Ariana Afsanay de Ly

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Book Review: The Path of the Shaman, by Anna Franklin

Path of the Shaman (Eight Paths of Magic)

The Path of the Shaman is a book two by Anna Franklin that focuses on the eight paths of a witch/.Witch. It is journey in which few experience and when they do it is one of great calcination and dissolution of ones entire self, and one as Anna herself describes as not wishing it upon her worst enemy.  When she speaks of this process it is called a shamanic crisis one in which is a very personal experience and each one who undergoes this transformation does so individually, it is not without experiencing pain to the level of losing all control over your own self, physically.  It takes you to the realms in which if you are not strong enough, you will never return.

As quoted directly from Chapter 2; ”Though anyone can offer themselves to the spirits, there is no guarantee that the spirits will accept.  The candidate is always subject to trial and testing before the initiation in the Otherworld can take place, encapsulating a very real dissolution, death and rebirth in the core of his being, a process entirely out of the shaman’s control and often sudden and violent in its onset.”  ”The initiation consists in an ecstatic experience, during which the candidate undergoes certain operations performed by mythical Beings, and undertakes ascents to Heaven and descents to the Underworld or subterranean World.”  In the same chapter as spoken of from above, Anna along with two others go into great detail their surgery’s by the mythical Beings in which brought them to their path as Shaman.  Anna and the others share extremely personal experiences and sufferings in which they endured along their path.  In understanding this, then it is easy to see that one of the first known Shamans from the western world would have been Jesus himself.  He was born to this world by a woman and that of the seed of an Upperworld mythical being and then was hung on the cross to die at the age of 33, then buried and he descended to the Underworld and then returned to the Middle World and finally ascending to the Upperworld.

There is mention of the the Shamans Cosmos world the three levels in which exists and that only a Shaman may see and know personally.  The Middle Earth, where we live, the Underworld and the Upperworld, the Underworld were all must go when we die and are prepared for such hidden knowledge, the Upperworld the world of the Angels and the spirits that aid us and protect us as we travel the path of our lives.  She goes into great detail of the World Tree and the Tree of Life with references to all other cultures and their views, which are all very similar from culture to culture.  Also, in this chapter she mentions that of the Black  Stone, the Meteoric Stone, the meteoric stone which is also called the black stone is not common in knowledge.  It is the stone in which is housed at Mecca and part of a yearly pilgrimage in which the Muslims are required to make, they go there for prayers and the asking of healing from the Great Mother.  This stone is from the Upperworld and it represents on this earth the Mother of all creation.  It is the one that holds all within.  There is more on the cosmos, the pole star and more.

There is mention and in great detail of how one travels the cosmos, by the spirit to do the work of healing and learning of old knowledge which is through the astral planes and the different levels of ones consciousness we experience as we go into trance, or in dream states.  What we must do to prepare ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually prior to being able to entrée this state as well as different gateways that are available and how to return and protect oneself while out of the physical form.  Many points she discusses throughout the entire book draws anyone back to the knowledge of the Emerald Tablet as well as the work’s of Dion Fortune.  Which is not common in today’s modern Wicca studies or among the New Age teachings?

Continuing we get to where she speaks of the various spirit worlds one will encounter and the view of other cultures, as I am a Strega I will make reference to her point on the Italian culture.  ”The Italian carnival society Cavallino assembled under the banner of Erodiade (ero dia de), a name for the Queen of Faeries, possibly synonymous with the witch goddess Herodias.  The society grew with prominence in the Middle Ages, appearing in processions, pantomimes and healing sessions, but many have had a very ancient, Pagan origin.  It was exclusively male, its members dressed in women’s clothing and wore make up.  They always gathered in odd numbers, such as seven, or nine or eleven.  The Catholic Church persecuted them as Pagans who worshipped the Goddess Diana.

Anna goes into great deal of the types of spirits and their powers they bestow onto human-folk they may take a liken to as well as power animals and how they come to us in our times of specific need to guide us to understand and to gain understanding in our journeys we are to encounter.  There is great focus on the types of plant allies a Shaman works with and a shaman’s view that we are kin to all things and that all things have a spirit that resides within them.  Yes, there are those herbs in which are used to obtain a level of trance and they assist us to achieve a level in our meditation and allowing us to journey to the Otherworld, though it is not without a cautionary note.  She cautions us on the plant spirits, ”However, any relationship with a power plant is precarious, and its spirit must be approached with respect.  To use a power plant for recreational purpose is an abuse of its energies and will lead to the subjugation of the magicians will by the plant spirit.  Meaning the magician has no control over the plant spirit or his or herself, the plant spirit has full control.  This means a loss of your Personal Power.  In reading this caution it reminds me of something Dr. Leo Louis Martello wrote in his words of wisdom regarding the Craft.  He states the following:  “In the Craft, there is no hard dogma. Hard drugs are forbidden. Mindless morons can’t be a compliment to our Mother Goddess.  Power is something personal, not to be used over others, which is contrary to Craft ethics. Those who think the Old Religion will make them masters over others are slaves to their own self delusions.

Anna finishes by speaking about what Personal Power is Not and the practices of a Shaman.  She speaks of an experiment a Japanese doctor performed using the water element.  He took two glasses and placed a crystal in each one, on one of the glass he wrote on a piece of paper the word Thank you and on the other You Fool the crystal inside the glass of water with the words thank you started to grow and the crystal in the glass of water with you fool did not, thus showing the powerful nature of water and how important it is to us.  We are 90% water in our body, so imagine if you thank yourself all the time and others, just imagine how we would all grow with a kind word.  When speaking of the various types of divination, magic and castings we do as a Shaman even a witch many in this day and age focus on the weather.  Myself personally I have had many people comment due to the high levels of heat how they were going to do weather magic to bring rain.  My advice always is no, when you are doing magic of this level you need to be aware that unless it is so severe that you need to consider beyond your own selfish needs, to take anything from another region is to ultimately cause harm of some kind.  While you may feel you need it, it may be needed more in another region.  This goes for any magic, you do not cast just to cast, you do not just invoke to invoke there has to be a reason when you call on the powers and forces of the Otherworld.  Magic is not a game but something true and real.

While I was reading The Path of the Shaman I was reminded of many things I have learned and was guided wisely with advise in the past, also being reminded of many journeys in which I have travelled to the Otherworld, the Underworld and the Upperworlds.  I have seen many things in my life and as a Witch but I needed a gentle reminder of a few things, it also guided me more in some specific research I have been doing which I will not speak of so much here.  What I am saying is that sometimes we need something and the Gods bring it to attention in many ways, a book, a kind word from another, a picture, a quote a journey or a sign in the mundane world that only a witch would notice.  Pay attention and you will be amazed.

This is an extraordinary book and one that ever Witch/witch should own and have as part of her/his library.


Book Review: Ancient Spellcraft From the Hymns of the Hittites to the Carvings of the Celts, by Laura Perry

I have had this book for many years, it is a book of various spells that aid Magicians in manifesting that of fertility, protection, healing, prosperity and more.  In this work Laura Perry covers ancient cultures such as the Celts, Egyptians, Hittites, Crete, Greece, Rome and Scythia.

There are a lot of way and spells that we use as Magicians today to assist in our magical workings to assist those who seek us out for healing, protections, removing of curses or hexes, prosperity, love, fertility and more.  This is a book that focuses on the spells of our ancients incorporating some of the simplest of ingredients, many you can find in your kitchen cupboards and from the recycling of glass jars, and more.

As a practicing Witch I was taught that some of the most powerful magic is the simplest magic as it is from the heart and in this book she focuses much on the same concept in how she guides those according to the specific spells.  She focuses a great deal on the clearing of mind, mental focus on the work you are to manifest and of course the invocations of the Gods to intercede on our behalf.  All of this is how I was taught by my True Mother in how to do my magical workings.

This is a must have for anyone who practices magic it is in my opinion worth the value.

Purchase your copy today here and enjoy it as much as I have and see what Magic you can make and Manifest in your life and that of others.

Ancient Spellcraft: From the Hymns of the Hittites to the Carvings of the Celts


Can the Moon Affect Healing?

This is a great article, and as a healer as well as a Traditional Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor I work with energy all the time, I have done readings for people who have gotten ill and this is called Medical Astrology made popular by Nicholas Culpepper with the focus on the location and sign in which the Moon was located in when one became ill, and following its path would show how long an illness would afflict that individual.
Also in Medical Astrology there is a great work that was at one point (I do not know about today), written by H.L. Cornell which focuses on the astrological position of the planets and the Moon when looking at certain afflictions in the body and mind in a client.
Personally I think this work should be used today by practicing medical doctors it would be of a great benefit to those diagnosing dis-eases today.  Many diseases can be found when looking at the specific location of the planets, Moon or signs in one’s native chart.
An example being when one has Saturn in Virgo in the tenth house shows the child born with either some form of disfigure or mental issues.  This is also true when one has Aquarius in the twelfth house on the issue of mental issues.
If more modern-day medical doctors, medical as well as psychological used Medical Astrology in their practices I believe so many more dis-eases would be cured and a way to pin point in one’s life when it occurred how to target the treatment to relieve this aliment quicker.
The Moon is the Mother of the signs in Cancer being it’s home sign.  It is the sign of the natural mother, the home, the heart, compassion and healing.  The Moon came before the light and is powerful in her perigee and apogee.

Sublime Generosity, Rumi



I was dead, then alive,

Weeping then laughing.


The power of love came into

And I became fierce like a

Then tender like the evening


He said, “You’re not mad

You don’t belong in this


I went wild and had to be tied

He said, “Still not wild

To stay with us.”


I broke through another

Into joyfulness.


He said, “It’s not enough

I died.


He said, “You’re a clever little

Full of fantasy and


I plucked out my feathers and became a

He said, “Now you’re the candle

For this assembly.”


But I’m no candle. Look!

I’m scattered smoke.


He said, “You are the sheikh the

But I’m not a teacher. I have no


He said, “You already have

I cannot give you wings.


But I wanted his wings

I felt like some flightless


Then new events said to me.

“Don’t move.  A sublime generosity is

Coming toward you.


And old love said, “Stay with


I said, “I will.”


You are the fountain of the sun’s

I am the willow shadow on the

You make my raggedness


The soul at dawn is like darkened

That slowly begins to say Thank you, Thank you.


This is the sunset, again, Venus

Changes into her moon and then the whole
night sky.


This coms of smiling back

At your smile.


The chess master say nothing,

Other than moving the silent chess


That I am part of the ploys

Of this games makes me

Amazing happy.


Blessed Summer Solstice


Magic is all around you all you have to do is look Inside of Yourself. As we come to the Magical Season of the Summer Solstice a time of the Solar God Ra, Apollo, Ra Horakaty, Lugh, in the Eastern cultures they honour the Sun in some countries as the Goddess who was the creation of light from the darkness.

This is a season in which we find healing at a deep level, from within from the astral and in seeking out the heat of the Sun to remove all those things from our lives, bodies and minds that ail many. Let the Rays of the Solar God bring healing to you as we entre the longest day of the year a time of fertility both on the and in our lives as well. Something I learned today, as from the country of my Great Grandmother who is from Sweden on this day the Summer Solstice it is the that more babies are conceived than any other day of the year and nine month later many babies are born. In the far regions in the North; Thrace, Sweden, Finland this is a day in which lasts for 22-23 hours of day light the Sun does not set. In my Great Grandmothers village Darlena, Sweden they erect the Solar Pole for the entire year to bring all good things to all who live there and celebrate to this day as they did before Christianity.

This is a powerful and magical time when the veil is open for the spirits to pass into this realm, to join in dance of the fires as we jump to promote fertility and healing to our families and the cattle as they do in the Celtic lands of the UK. Let us too see that at the end of this magical day we again look to the time of harvesting and this is the cutting away of those things and removing them from the land and our lives that need as we do the healing we must cut away for the healing to fully manifest in our lives.

Let the Father Sky, the Solar God bring you all healing, health, joy, love and all those things of good into your life and may all be Blessed and have Success, Health, Love, and Joy in their lives.

My Love to you All this Summer Solstice. I will be dancing the balefire at the beach enjoying the fire of the God and the Water of the Mother doing some healing work for those in need.


Home Remedies for the Cold and Flu Season

In this season we again are up against those nasty colds and flus.  Every year I make homemade remedies as needed when either myself or my husband get a wee bug.  This year, I got it from inhaling toxic fumes from cleaning and dust from home repairs, this is typical for me when around toxic cleaning chemicals.  Over the years I have come up with my own herbal blends for teas, cleansing and ointments.  This year I am going to share some of those remedies with all of you.

Easy to make and with what you already should have in your cupboard. 

Herbal Teas, Salves and Vaporiser Blends

Loose dried herbs are the best, if you happen to have fresh dried herbs they work wonderful just bruise them to allow the oils to be extracted in the hot water you boil for a cup of tea.  Many people ask me tea?  You are American, American’s do not drink tea.  Well for one thing, yes, they do and for the second my ancestors are heavily from the UK in England and Ireland as well as other Northern European countries where tea is a favoured drink.  I love my tea.

Ingredients are easy to blend all you need is a tea ball, muslin bag, or a tea strainer holder.  Blend your herbs and place them in the ball.

Ingredients for today’s blend are as follows;  Thyme, Peppercorns, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Anise Seed or Star of Anise, blend them and place in ball and steep for approx. 20 minutes for medicinal purposes.  Other ingredients are Star of Anise, honey and lime or lemon, then you can have ginger root cut up and placed in a big pot fill with water boil for approx. 20 then allow to infuse for 2 hours.  Remove the root and add honey and milk, ginger warms the body and allows for sweating.  Again we have Hawthorne, Elder Flowers/Berries which are wonderful for colds and flus as they warm the body and allow for sweating as well.  Eucalyptus is another great herb for teas in this season.

Salves are very easy to make for your loved ones, just take Vaseline and add your oils of choice for this season, I use Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree (great for bacteria), and use 10 drops per tablespoon of Vaseline.  You will need a double boiler or something you can make into one place the Vaseline in the pot atop of the and add your oils, allow the Vaseline to melt down while stirring in the oils, once liquefied turn heat off and transfer to a tin for cooling.  Cool to room temp or place in the refrigerator and use as needed on the chest, back and feet keeping all areas covered to keep in the body heat.

Other things you can do is mix all these oils into a vaporiser and set in the room to clear the air, stop the bacteria from spreading and to help for easier breathing while resting in bed.

Take your vitamins D3, C 1000 +2, A and B-12 along with Zinc all help the body recover quickly.

Drink lots of water, tea and juice, eat chicken soup, lamb, and lentil soups for a speedy recovery.

Many Blessings to you All in this Cold and Flu Season