Book Review: Ancient Spellcraft From the Hymns of the Hittites to the Carvings of the Celts, by Laura Perry

I have had this book for many years, it is a book of various spells that aid Magicians in manifesting that of fertility, protection, healing, prosperity and more.  In this work Laura Perry covers ancient cultures such as the Celts, Egyptians, Hittites, Crete, Greece, Rome and Scythia.

There are a lot of way and spells that we use as Magicians today to assist in our magical workings to assist those who seek us out for healing, protections, removing of curses or hexes, prosperity, love, fertility and more.  This is a book that focuses on the spells of our ancients incorporating some of the simplest of ingredients, many you can find in your kitchen cupboards and from the recycling of glass jars, and more.

As a practicing Witch I was taught that some of the most powerful magic is the simplest magic as it is from the heart and in this book she focuses much on the same concept in how she guides those according to the specific spells.  She focuses a great deal on the clearing of mind, mental focus on the work you are to manifest and of course the invocations of the Gods to intercede on our behalf.  All of this is how I was taught by my True Mother in how to do my magical workings.

This is a must have for anyone who practices magic it is in my opinion worth the value.

Purchase your copy today here and enjoy it as much as I have and see what Magic you can make and Manifest in your life and that of others.

Ancient Spellcraft: From the Hymns of the Hittites to the Carvings of the Celts


Blessed Summer Solstice


Magic is all around you all you have to do is look Inside of Yourself. As we come to the Magical Season of the Summer Solstice a time of the Solar God Ra, Apollo, Ra Horakaty, Lugh, in the Eastern cultures they honour the Sun in some countries as the Goddess who was the creation of light from the darkness.

This is a season in which we find healing at a deep level, from within from the astral and in seeking out the heat of the Sun to remove all those things from our lives, bodies and minds that ail many. Let the Rays of the Solar God bring healing to you as we entre the longest day of the year a time of fertility both on the and in our lives as well. Something I learned today, as from the country of my Great Grandmother who is from Sweden on this day the Summer Solstice it is the that more babies are conceived than any other day of the year and nine month later many babies are born. In the far regions in the North; Thrace, Sweden, Finland this is a day in which lasts for 22-23 hours of day light the Sun does not set. In my Great Grandmothers village Darlena, Sweden they erect the Solar Pole for the entire year to bring all good things to all who live there and celebrate to this day as they did before Christianity.

This is a powerful and magical time when the veil is open for the spirits to pass into this realm, to join in dance of the fires as we jump to promote fertility and healing to our families and the cattle as they do in the Celtic lands of the UK. Let us too see that at the end of this magical day we again look to the time of harvesting and this is the cutting away of those things and removing them from the land and our lives that need as we do the healing we must cut away for the healing to fully manifest in our lives.

Let the Father Sky, the Solar God bring you all healing, health, joy, love and all those things of good into your life and may all be Blessed and have Success, Health, Love, and Joy in their lives.

My Love to you All this Summer Solstice. I will be dancing the balefire at the beach enjoying the fire of the God and the Water of the Mother doing some healing work for those in need.


Cross Post: A Fertile Lupercalia to You!

Today is the festival of Lupercalia, the ancient Roman observance of fertility and the coming spring. Not to be confused with a certain commercialized martyr’s celebration held yesterday, Lupercalia is a holiday sacred to the god Faunus, and the mythical she-wolf who reared Romulus and Remus the semi-mythical founders of Rome. It was considered an important holiday of religious observance and purification.  Read the entire article at The Wild Hunt, by Jason Pitzl-Waters.

An excellent article.