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Please read what Ariana’s clients have to say about their Readings.

I would like to invite those clients past and present to feel free to post your reviews of my work be it as your Traditional Astrologer, Tarot Reader or Priestess and Reverend for Professional Services I may have provided to you.

I would love to hear from everyone who I have guided and to know how you are doing.

Please post your reviews below and I look forward to hearing from you all.  Also please read more about what Ariana’s clients are saying about her on her Stik profile and feel free to post your review on her Stik’s profile as well at

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10 comments on “Reviews and Comments

  1. Ariana

    Jennifer Jane

    I received a reading from Ariana on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 and it was excellent. She is very knowledgeable about Astrology and what she shared with me was very on point. Not only did the reading help me to understand my chart but also gave me much insightful information. I HIGHLY reccommend anyone to have a reading by Ariana, Traditional Astrolgy is truely the best for learning more indepth of yourself.

  2. Ariana

    Ashley Rodrigues ✉

    I met Ariana at a pyshic fair in Salem , Ma a little over 3 years ago. She was a table where Peter stone jewelry was being sold while incense and various energies was filled in the air. I felt an instant attracting energy from her with a sort of regalness about her. She was not only friendly , but very well versed in her art and craft. She was helpful in her suggestions and her predictions and findings in what surrounded me. Unlike some of her fellow colleagues, she has an honesty and a bluntness that is refreshing . She has been a big help in reminding me and helping see and claiming my own personal power and gifts but she helps you find yourself in the process . I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to hear what she has to say. She will tell what you must know but she says it will love and compassion which many now working in the same art or practice have started to lack. You won’t regret giving her the greenlight !”

  3. Edouard Mons

    Being myself from the Occult and needing to get some help from a good Spiritual Advisor, I received a few minutes ago a reading from Ariana. Firstly, not every Advisor welcomes you with warmth and care : Ariana did. That’s an important thing to feel good to receive a reading ! That’s the firts thing. Secondly, the accuracy of Ariana is a proof that she really does know her craft, and her answers are both clear and profound (she won’t only tell you a cold yes or no, and she won’t throw an answer in your face, she will explain and take the time to be precise). I highly recommend you all to trust Ariana and get a reading from her.


  4. Ariana

    Tim Harris (Facebook) Many people make claims as to their power, perspective or perception. Ariana’s reading was shockingly accurate. I had to adjust to the idea that anyone could know me that well. So, if power, perspective or perception can be a gift… then she is truely gifted. Tim Harris, NSD Shaman’s Dream.

  5. Ariana Afsanay de Ly

    I just received this amazing review from a client, thank you Strega Daradianetta for your beautiful comments on your reading. This is what Strega has to say about Ariana;

    Ariana is deeply caring… Which means a lot to me… In her reading she foretold of a pregnant friend who was going to have a rough time of it… I kept this in my mind… My daughters friend had premonitions that she would die in childbirth and we all warned her not to think upon this (still Ariana’s words hung in the back of my mind) when trouble arose (as she was giving birth) I was able to quickly summon the clan to come to her aid (heeding Ariana’ warning) and we were able to save her from a truly life threatening event … The doctors and nurses said they don’t know how she survived … I thank Ariana for the warning that gave me time to prepare… And pull it off… All this is true and I am eternally grateful that this little babie still has his mama and that Ariana alerted me to the problems in advance so I could help them… Blessings my dearest Ariana and thank you so much for giving me time to prepare – I am grateful

    All reviews are posted here that are sent to me from my clients.

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