Dumb Supper

Feast of the Dead

© 2009 ~ By Ariana Clausen – Velez

Revised 2011

What is the Dumb Supper?  The Dumb Supper is a sacred rite in which is dedicated to those Ancestors, those who have recently passed over and returned home and a way to communicate with the dead through a silent meal and meditation.  As with Samhain the Dumb Supper’s origins are Irish and Scottish in origin it was a ritual meal that was served during the six days and nights of Samhain, where food and drink [mead to be exact], and if of nobility some of the finest wines that could be imported from Egypt and other countries.

How we honour and venerate the dead is important, we honour them twice a year first during the season of the Black Month’s beginning at Samhain and again during the third day of Spring just prior to the Equinox.  The Spring honouring of the dead is known by the Greeks as Antesherias and by the Romans as Parentales which is celebrated during the days of February 13 & 20 which is ruled by Saturn and is just prior to springs awakening.  Then again in May the Old Roodamas which runs from the 13th to the 15th of May, this is a time when we too honour our Ancestors, by the lighting of the Spirit Flame and preparing their favourite foods for them to dine on during the feast.  In searching for the actual origins of this Feast it dates back originally to the Celtics as Samhain “Summer’s End” and in the Roman to the Feast of Lemuria, some say the Celtic’s feast pre-dates that of the Romans, however, there is no real way to prove this to be a fact.  As with all religions it is a fact that as the people of the lands travelled and settled into new lands, so did that of the religion they practiced and thus blending thier practices and beliefs with that of the land in which they settled.

Today the rituals celebrated during spring time are what are known as Lustrations where a ritual is performed in honouring the dead and thanking them for allowing new life to be born upon the Earth for the coming season/s.

When we prepare for celebrating the Dumb Supper there are many things to take into account, first off who are you/we honouring is it to be dedicated to a specific person who was really important to you and your life?  Such as a special friend, loved one, or mentor.  Yes, and No.  The Dumb Supper is for you to sit quietly with those whom are of your Ancestors during the time in which the veil is thinnest in where you are able to communicate and ask questions via meditation or spirit channelling.  The Dumb Supper can be either for a large group or a small or individual setting/s.  When you begin to prepare for this meal you first seek out recipes that were favourites of the individual in who you are honouring and venerating for your specific ritual, favourite colours, music, place settings a more.  You prepare funerary music to listen to, and if for a larger group you make a compilation of various forms of religion to honour all who may attend.  If for a smaller group or you are performing this as an individual, then you prepare the music in which applies to those persons beliefs who are attending.  In as much you get decorations, candles [white], and prepare as you would for any formal dinner.

Altar Setup is important, as when you are preparing an altar for the dead you must make sure that they all have the ability to see what is going on around them, yes, they can see what is going on.  For a specific altar in where you are dedicating the Dumb Supper to an Individual in who has recently passed you place their photo in the centre of the altar raised above the others.  Placing tokens, flowers [purple orchids], candles [white], and anything you feel they enjoyed.  Then include enough room for you to include the photos of others who may attend to place they photos, tokens, candles and so forth to be part of this altar.  This allows for everyone from time to time during the meal to go up to the altar and say prayers, blessings, and their I love you, and a way for them to speak quietly to their loved one.  Skulls are used a lot on altars that honour the dead.  The colours for the altar are white & black Altar Cloth is best the rest is up to you, make it fun, enjoy and add flavour and colour to the altar.

Prior to serving the meal, the tone is set the blessings are said prior to entrée into the room, or prior to sitting down to the table.  The music is set up for all to listen to and enjoy and then prior to everything make sure it is understood that this meal all must be in complete and total SILENCE.  This is a meal called the Dumb Supper.

Take in the energy and feel the presences of those who have passed on, many do eat the food, though many just sit and meditate and nibble on the meal.  Typically, this can run anywhere from one hour to three hours, this depends of course on the amount who are attending.

Take time to listen, feel and smell, those who have passed over do speak and appear during this meal, as it is their meal.

Inasmuch, the best time to have the Dumb Supper is during the six days and nights of Samhain, the Celtic New Year and the time in which the veil is open and the dead are able to walk amoung the living so this would be for this year starting on the 25th of October and through the 30th then on the 31st through the 7th the Ancient Samhain Ritual is celebrated with bonefires, food, drink, divination, scrying and more.  On the Day of the Dead or Santa Muerte the Dead are honoured by placing food and drink upon their grave sites along with flowers, purple orchids, lilies, etc.  In Mexico, Spain and other Latin countries people dress up and have processions through the entire graveyard to honour the dead during this time.  This is how the dead are remembered and honoured.

Now, to date there are not many paths within Paganism that follow this ritual, it is not a common Ritual for Wiccans, or many others, moreover, those paths such as Voodoo, Voudon, Hoodoo, Santerita

, as well as Spain, Italy, Sicily, Malta, and Mexico as well as Catholics do honour this season.  The Catholics call it All Saints Day, and day in which all who were matyrs, elected, and those who simply are not of the Craft of the Wise are honoured.

We learn many things from the Other World, as well as many of us have travelled there even though still amoung the living, this is a special thing to be one with both realms and to know that we live between parallel worlds is a great knowledge and one in which should be held very sacred to our paths.

Remember those who you love bring them the honouring of lights, food, drink and company with conversation though the mind and always remember to honour the dead.

May each of you enjoy, your Dumb Supper.


Just Saying Hello to All

I want to thank everyone who follows Ariana Silver, I so appreciate each and everyone of you. In these amazing days we are the product of our own creation, mental, emotionally and in all we manifest.

Magic is always around me, there are days the energies flow with ease and others when it flows in its own directions. Do you follow the flow and allow it to take you where it is going?, or do you try to go against the current and shift the direction? If you try to force your own direction it will only become more difficult to find your path. The energies and the directions in which we endure each day is a gift from the Gods and to accept what they are doing each day in our lives, we accept and will find the path in which we are to be on in our life.

I have gone through so many amazing journeys in my life, some extremely difficult, some easy, some with challenges, and others I when I didn’t think they would end. But the one thing I have learned through out all of them, is this. I am who I am today because of these experiences and journeys without them I would not be an amazing lady who loves myself and loves others for who they are, I do my best each day to keep judgment out of my path and understand that we each are normal in our own way and that is okay. For each person and their life and way of thinking it is what is normal for them.

Accept others for who they are, you do not have to like them or have them in your life, but they do not affect your life, you do.

I am amazing inside and out and I know this each day I wake up.

Blessings in the Dark and Light
Ariana Silver


Truth is in the Heart, Seek it for Yourself and find Truth and Peace

I have come upon so much synchronism. Today I was reading one of my books and it said this “We must learn to find truth through meditation, on searching within ourselves, as actual truth is not found in books, or gurus, or new age misconceptions or dogmatic beliefs. While each may contain glimmers of truth, it is the HEART in which TRUTH is found, where it is expressed and realised.

Then on the way home from an amazing day of just doing what I needed to do, a Hawk flew and landed right as I was driving by what an amazing auspice omen and day.

I am so incredibly happy in all things in my life. Open you heart, let the truth come in and you will too be happy beyond all things.

Love you all


Blessed Feast of Befana

Wishing everyone a most Blessed Feast of the Befana. Epiphany and Dia de Magi. May the blessings for all the children in the world bring them love, peace, joy and happiness. To all my family and friends my wish for you all to have amazing love and light in your lives.

May joy always be in your hearts and may it radiate out to all and may the blessings abound in your lives.

Much love on this Feast of Befana


Astro Weather for week ending 29 November

mar4Astro Weather for week ending 29th November

We are going to have an interesting week of energy, this week coming we are today on the 21st in the New Moon.

Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn and now is a time to look at casting and making the astrological talisman for Mars.

Venus is in Term which brings strengths as well as adding to the more colourful acts associated with her nature and it draws out more of the mischievous side of herself.

Saturn is in Trip, Mercury is in Trip, Moon is in Trip and Jupiter is in Trip.  The Moon is fast and with a more aggressive energies.




Responsibilities of Leaders in the Occult Communities; A Rant!!!

When we of the Western Mysteries, Occultists, Crafters, Old Religionists, Priests and Priestesses of the Gods and Goddesses are in the public light we are held to a higher standard and others feel that without knowing anything of us as a person, magician, witch, or whatever title they have the right to point fingers and speak behind the keyboard about 9 times out of 10 that have nothing to do with… them at all.

I have been in the Occult for many, many years born into it from a very old blood line and I have to say I see so many who claim to be leaders fall far short of that position. When we stand as Leaders in the Occult we are that Leaders we are to be of a higher standard to set examples by our works, deeds, actions and when we have those who seek us out for healing, protection, counselling, and to teach them we must lead by example. We must stand up and defend when something is wrong, sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss what is going on instead of pointing fingers and just assuming something of another person, or their teachings. We are to build up those who seek us out, not knock them down, we celebrate their growth as we all as individuals must do our OWN work in order to find the truth, to become a practicing witch, magician, crafter, druid and so on, it is not the teacher, the teacher is a guide who provides the tools and from their example of working with others, teaching, doing their studies and comparing systems and teaching methods also develop.

My “True Mother” told me one time that we are only validated by the Gods, but they too can take it away, they can wipe our minds of what we have been shown and taught when we use our work to harm others, voice false claims or false witness of others. I have learned in this world that unless you have the FACTS and can back up what you are saying it is best to keep your mouth shut. The internet has allowed for many cowards out there to hide behind the keyboard with their words and when called to the carpet they turn and run for they the facts are not on their side.

Too much I see good people, Priestesses, Priests, Magicians attacked in the media or by other parties from other groups, but are you willing to do so to their face are you willing to sit down and have a cup of coffee to make peace when you know you have wronged?   Not many would, this is what is wrong today so few have the value or quality that they are willing to step up and take responsibility for their actions. I am not saying that all are false, but when it is and when it affects the community as a whole it is time to have a sit down.

We are draw from the same well and source in our magic and when one brings poison to the well it affects the entire source.


My rant for today.



Mosquitos Trap

This is a great trap sent to me by a dear friend and Sister Crafter of the Old Religion, it is fantastic, though I cannot add the photo but this is one trap you all need to get ride of the bloody vamps.


Mosquitos Trap

Here is a homemade trap to help keep you and the kiddos from being a blood donor!!!



Items needed:

1 cup of water

1/4 cup of brown sugar

1 gram of yeast

1 2-liter bottle



1. Cut the plastic bottle in half.

2. Mix brown sugar with hot water. Let cool. When cold, pour in the bottom half of the bottle.

3. Add the yeast. No need to mix. It creates carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes.

4. Place the funnel part, upside down, into the other half of the bottle, taping them together if desired.

5. Wrap the bottle with something black, leaving the top uncovered, and place it outside in an area away from your normal gathering area. (Mosquitoes are also drawn to the color black.)


Change the solution every 2 weeks for continuous control.


What do you find Challenging about being a High Priestess?

anahita-lady-of-beasts-statue-CU-SS-LB-2 Being a High Priestess of the Craft is not as easy as many think it is, you want a title then you have to be willing to take with it the good and bad, the easy and the hard, a High Priestess is a Priestess to the gods and their work.  Yet, sometimes people get in the way and cloud our decisions, and we have to look to the gods for a greater guidance and wisdom to do what is right.  Will it always be what others want?  No.

I learned many years ago the hardest thing a Priestess or a High Priestess has to do is say no, it may go against what others think should be but you as a High Priestess are held to a higher standard, it is not that of a double standard, you are the one who goes out to do for your community, advice those who seek spiritual guidance, presided over sacred rituals, communicate with the spirits, gods and those beings in the realms of the unseen.  We are the ones who are sought out when others say no they cannot help.  Having a title does not mean anything unless you prove you have truly earned it and that comes from the gods not man, man in many traditions of Wicca and many of the Pagan traditions do perform this rite as specific times of training and knowledge, growth and understanding; yet it is up to you to be validated by the gods for your works and deeds as a High Priestess.

When I first became a High Priestess and had my final initiation I had sought counsel on the timing of the rite, I felt it was too soon following my previous elevation (under at that time a specific tradition in Wicca), yet I was told by a very wise woman that she would not perform such a rite until at least three years following this was to allow the spirit to find a balance in the previous elevation and that it could cause greater damage then good.  In the end I had been initiated to a High Priestess.  This proved to be exactly what my counsel had advised me would happen, it was the most challenging and difficult time of my life.  It came with many problems I had to face and overcome, I ultimately had to endure having my name boar to false witness by others and many accusations were made against me that later proved untrue.  Hence, I was not aware of any of them until six months to a year later.  In the end it was cleared up and I left the tradition to go on my own and find the truth of the Old Religion.

When we seek out advice we must be willing to listen with an open heart and open ears, the truth is not always easy it is sometimes the hardest thing we have to hear. 

540360_4209868521207_1202622859_nBeing a High Priestess to the gods and their work is not something that anyone can do, or that just anyone is called to do it comes with a price.  In the ancient times to be a Priestess or High Priestess of a specific cult was all part of your work, being a Priestess of both Apollo and Diana was to be a virgin and with Diana to break this vow and found out was punishable by death.  Apollo also have virgin Priestesses tending to his Temple/s.  This was how they kept their power.   A High Priestess in ancient times was a solitary life without anyone around you other than those you served with in the temples.  The Vestal Virgins were chosen at a young age to serve in the Temple for thirty years and during that time they had to remain pure, if they were found to have broken that vow, it was too punishable by death and they would be placed in a dark hole with only bread and water and left to die in darkness.  Yet, this is not today, but it is still a path in which comes with many challenges.

We look at those who are of the Craft today and it does sadden me to see so many mislead, undertrained, misrepresenting the truth and using the Craft for their own self gain and instead of helping the community or those who are with them in either a coven, grove, or temple.  I see many today who abuse the Craft in order to push, control and make their will the will of those who are under them or part of their group as we slave keepers, enforcers of another’s will and so on?  No!!!  In being the head of a Coven, Grove, Temple or any type of organisation in which you have members everyone should be treated equally there is not one person who is over the other and each should treat another with equal respect and love, not judge, gossip or turn one against another, if you have issue you deal it yourself you do not bring it into the fold of the others.  It is no others issue but your own.  A High Priestess must also be willing to take the truth as well as know when she is wrong in her actions and one who is true to herself, the gods and the position in which is held will be one who accepts this and fixes any wrongs in which have been made, this is one of the hardest things to do for you have to look at yourself in the mirror and see your own reflection.  You always have to be true to yourself “First”, others may have an opinion or comments but if it does not feel right to you, do not do it.

Within the Temple of Diana which I founded back in 2004 April 21st the one thing I have always brought focus on is the equal respect of all our members and when one is being attacked we defended them and stand up for our brothers and sisters.  We have a Code in which we follow and it is one in which as the High Priestess I hold everyone of our members too and if any of them do harm to another it is dealt with immediately, I  do not accept anyone pushing another or making decisions that can harm another where there is not justification.  When this happens as a High Priestess this is where many challenges arise being willing to stand up no matter what the cost.  Honour the Gods, Serve and Work with the Gods and Honour yourself, your body, spirit and mind as you would the Temple of the Gods.

This and much more is what is challenging about being a High Priestess in the Old Religion.

My Blessings to you all in this Spring, make room to love and be true to yourself, for you truly only answer to yourself and your reflection is the one that looks back at you, not any other.  Let your heart guide you to truth and listen for the truth is always in your heart.

Ariana, HPs and Reverend

Temple of Diana, Inc.


A Rant

It saddens me to see that so many people today are showing the fact they are Alturists, an alturist is a person who as Leo Martello describes in his book How to Prevent Psychic Blackmail a person who puts his own troubles, problems for what is happening to them, responsibilities onto others they do this because they have no Respect for anyone least themselves.  The feel that they do not have to deal with their “Karma” which is a Sanskrit word meaning “action”.  When we speak, when we act, when we as Individuals do anything it is not the responsibility of others to carry that weight, it is our own.  When we do not think of others in this light we show them how little we care for them as their friendship.  To have someone of Value in our lives is to treat them equally and give them what they give to us, value for value there is no room for one person who takes, takes and takes more, and then feels they can put their problems onto another person, that is a Psychic Blackmailer and Leech. 

I saw this the other night on television while watching the VP debate and the VP candidate spoke with a clear mind on how he feels that we Americans and the US are responsible for taking care of the Afgan people, when the VP elect spoke the opposite that it is up to the Afgan people to take care of their own, the later is correct.  When we went over there into Their country, forced our ways, many missionaries go over trying to tell them to convert from their religion to follow that of another, to tell them their traditions and culture need changing that is not our job.  I love the Middle Eastern culture, there is a deep seeded root in their traditions, culture, beliefs and more.  While I do not agree with their treatment of women and how many have basterised their own Quran for those who seek to harm the innocent it does not make them all of evil.  This is an alturists mentality on the part of the VP candidate. 

Another topic I saw the VP candidate mention was that of religion and women rights.  I respect all religions and no one person, or government has the right to tell me what I can and cannot believe, or do with my own body.  If I choose to not have a doctor then I will not, if I want to take birth control it is my right.  Religion and the GOP feels they have the right to tell women what they should and should not do, again this is an Alturists mentality.  No one owns me, I am of a free mind, will and voice as well as a free individual. 

Now, onto the general public and those who think they have a right to take out their problems on the Elderly, Children, Women, and all those who are innocent.  They want to say things about others or speak and say that this is what someone said, well you do not have this right, anyone who does this is a person of NON-Value to me.  When you have no Respect for yourself you will treat others the same, without respect.  To respect another you must first respect yourself for without self love you do not know love at all.  Who has the right to put their problems, guilt, responsibilities on those of others, no one to value a friend is to value a friend as well as those whom you truly care about, to disrespect, spit on them, verbally and emotionally abuse them as well as physically abuse another is that of an Alturist and anyone who is like this is of NON-Value to me.  When you open your mouth and speak saying it is from another, that is Incorrect, it is from your OWN mouth, so it is your OWN words and you, yourself must own up to it there is no other guilt or issue but that of your own.

When we have people of Value in our lives we cherish them, respect them, are happy for them without jealously or envy there is NO room for Ego in a relationship of value.  When we have people in our lives that we value we do for each other as one does for another we place a value on that relationship and that relationship is on equal grounds no one above the other.

When you create your own “Karma”, action, it is yours and yours alone no others.  When you speak it is from your mouth alone not another’s, when you abuse it is your actions not another’s so stop pointing the finger when life and your actions do not suit you, you did it so OWN it.

There is so much envy and jealously today, it is time for Peace and Harmony and for people who are of NON-Value to leave our lives. 

This rant is something that I have needed to get out, I am so sick of those people who cause problems and expect others to clean up the mess, it is time clean up your own mess, so get some toilet paper and wipe your own a   s.