What To Do When it’s YOUR Name Being Burned Under a Candle???

by Dkr. Khozmiq NeWage

The use of candles and candle magic has been a staple in folk magic for a very long time. Candles can be used for every spell under the sun; Come To Me, Mastery, Steady Work, Healing, and all manner of things. We all know the basics: glass seven-day candle dress with appropriate powders, herbs, minerals, and oils – set it on top of a petition paper – light the candle – say your prayer – let the good times roll on…right???

But what about if you are on the other end of the ritual? Are you the target of another’s will? What do you do? How can you break free of someone else’s spell? Where are those obsessive feelings for your neighbor’s wife coming from? Are you the target of her love spell? Perhaps you owe someone money and they are burning Pay Me Now on your name, how can you hold out just a little while longer? When you feel the heat of the “Hot Foot candle” under you to move, how do you cool their fire and douse their spells? What to do when it’s your name the candle is being burned on??

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Strega, who are we?

Strega, who are we?

By, Rev. Ariana

revised 26 May 2016


I have had many people ask me to speak of Strega and our teachings, what we practice, how we practice, and so on, with permission I am allowed to share limited information as to my teachings and to the heart of Strega.

Strega roots date back to from the time of Sumer, Egypt, and Indus Valley from where the heart of Paganism started the honour and worship of the Ancient Mighty Ones, from the teachings from the ancient lands the people in an effort to preserve not only their magic but their culture had to travel throughout the lands and find home.  Strega’s roots are based initially in Italy the main land the Southern Italy and Sicily, with lines in Sardinia and Malta.  Within the line of Strega in which I am taught and practice it comes from Sicily, with that comes an Oath of Silence [Omerta], a Vow in which must never be broken to hold certain teachings secret and to never reveal, yes, to many this may seem extreme, yet to the unlearned or the ignorant the knowledge in which we hold sacred and silent would not be understood and could do more harm than good to someone who does not understand the heart of Strega.  Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini making a deal with Hitler forced many of the Strega to flew their homeland for other countries during WWII, many of which fled to the Domincian Republic, Puerto Rico, the outlying countries and many more hide in plain sight where many are still today.

Sicilian Strega has a mixture of various cultures and magical systems due to the migration through trade and religion that entrées into the country.  Some of the other cultures in which migrated into Sicily were the Phoenicians, Germans, Muslims and Greeks to name a few, from that our branch of magic has a blend of Ceremonial, Arabic, Jewish Mysticism, Germanic and Egyptians then building their own Temples, Religious Masques, basing their locations atop of sacred sites or old temple sites.

Strega is hereditary blood line, which few if any outsiders are allowed in, and then it takes years to learn the Mysteries, if one is fully accepted it is then typically for an Adoption Ceremony to be performed by the adopting Mother of the line or family.  Like I said this is rear, but some are allowed and later accepted.

Magically, Strega is based on folk magic, working with the Saints, Arch Angels, Angels, Spirits, Shape shifting, Shamanism, and working with and serving the Gods.  The heart of Strega is ones’ heart the heart of one’s’ soul reveals all from within.  We follow a philosophy in which goes back to the a maxim that is to be found on the Pillars to the entrance of Delphi “Know Thyself, Nothing in Excess”.  Later through Giordano Bruno and Dr. Leo Louis Martello’s works to be a person who lived, to live by one’s own standards to not allow others control or tell you what, who, how to live, breathe, practice or believe, Dr. Leo Louis Martello calls it PsychoSelfism, simply put you do NOT accept the guilt, problems of another and that you place value for value on all your works as well as of those who are in your life.

The Strega are known for being Warriors of Justice and defending the weak, the innocent and those who have been wronged, spoken against with falsities, and we are humanitarians.  We encourage working with the community, aiding the poor and more.  We believe that one has the right to say what is right for them and what is not, to stand up for the rights of humanity and say what must be said without fear.  We are healers, protectors, warriors, watchers, psychopompos, and more.  Do we believe in white or black magic, no, we believe in magic and depending what one does warrants the magic we do, if you give others willingly, do work to aid someone who is need of healing, protection and giving them encouragement during down times you will always be blessed with prosperity, health and happiness, however, you do harm against another willingly, murder, rape, incest, harm a creature by cruelty or commit any act of evil, be it by word or deed, then that warrants well Justice.  A reminder to all if you are not justified and the other party has not done anything in which warrants then to do magic against them just because it will back fire on the sender and they will reap all they have sown.

Yes, we follow the Rede in that we do not seek to harm another we love under the law and do not force another’s hand against their free will.  However, we do not take the Rede literally, what I mean by that is through the years and this is not only my observation many who come to the Craft of the Wise, Wiccan, Paganism from Christianity, do so with the understanding that the Rede is to be taken word for word, [now this is not to say all Wiccan’s follow it literally].  This is not so, it is to be taken as a way to walk and do your magic, however, when one harms you, you are NOT to turn your check to the injustice, you are justified to do what must be done to bring full justice upon the person who harmed you, be it by whatever the Gods deem fitting for the judgement.  You are allowed to seek full punishment.  In Dr. Leo Louis Martello’s book ~How to Prevent Psychic Blackmail~ he states the following, when one insults you, you do not turn the check for them to do it again, what you are to is this, okay you hurt me I forgive you, now I have forgotten you as well, goodbye.

Strega is path that not many can follow it is stricter than most it adheres to keeping secrets and making unbreakable oaths, seeking permissions for certain things and more.  It is a path that accepts all Religions and works with them all in an effort to bring full balance, for as Ghandi states until everyone can accept each other for which they are for until then there shall never be balance.  This is what the Ancients seek acceptance.

The foundation of the home is the heart of a Strega, children are to be cherished as a gift for the gift they are, love to be nurtured and protected.  The Heart of the Strega is the Strega.



‘Witchcraft’ abuse cases on the rise

Witchcraft abuses cases on the rise,  Read the entire article by clicking on the link.

Child abuse linked to exorcism and witchcraft accusations is on the rise, figures obtained by the BBC suggest.

The Metropolitan Police said there had been 60 crimes linked to faith in London so far this year. It saw reports double from 23 in 2013 to 46 in 2014.

Half of UK police forces do not record such cases and many local authorities are also unable to provide figures.

The NSPCC said authorities “need to ensure they are able to spot the signs of this particular brand of abuse”.

London is unique in having a police team, Project Violet, dedicated to this type of abuse.

Its figures relate to crime reports where officers have flagged a case as involving abuse linked to faith or belief. Many of the cases involve children.




My Journey to Future Earth Vision

My Journey to Future Earth Vision

Received on 29 June 2008

by Ariana Silver

In many of my journeys in which I have traveled I remember few, but on this night I went on a most powerful journey of awakening and new life in which lies ahead. Now, when I had this vision it was so profound that in my describing it to my True Mother, I knew it was not yet time to reveal to any form of mass community. What makes this vision even more powerful is that I received it on the 8 year anniversary of Leo’s passing to Sumerland and 8 years prior on the same night he came to me in a vision to reveal to me who I truly was and that it was really my time to remember and find my True Mother.

Why am I revealing said vision now, well today, my husband and I went to see the movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage and within this movie many of things in which I saw and have been seeing occurring were revealed to in the movie.

My journey as shown to me by the Ancient Mighty Ones, to our Future Earth, is as follows’. This the day in which we honour Leo Martello & journey within as he makes his presence known and visiting from the Sumerland, magic cast, knowledge gained, visions and dreams with answers to questions and Prophecy seen.

Within this most of profound vision journeys I took an extraordinary journey, a journey to future earth. A world that was awash of Solar lights, bridges connecting to all the lands and planets in this system, silent voices in which communicated through the mind, and the colours so radiant and pure, ones that could only be of the Gods Lands. Each planet had a special feature one was of Agriculture, another arts and artisans, another of knowledge and teaching, each planet represented the nature of the God or Goddess in which was the Patron or Ruling nature. Yet here, everything was utilized and for free, nothing was paid for with money, but with hard work and all were one. The people were peaceful by nature and enjoyed communicating with one another on such a higher level that speaking and writing were not necessary, though the library on this Earth held all of the works of Philosophers, Astrologers, Occultists, and more from time before it existed. I have travelled many a journey and most are profound but this came at a time when we are seeing so much change in the world and not so much for the better, but it is a time of which we are to know that those who truly seek shall find truth and be the ones chosen to continue life in another place and time as destined by the Gods for those who seek to evolve and understand without fear and without question.

As for my life in this world, I am unsure, as I was viewing from above the this world, hovering as if to only see of what will come in the future. However, I do know that in this world in which I was later walking around and all you could see were souls that were so radiant and pure it was a breath of fresh air. Clothing here was light and thin as the weather was not hot nor cold, the air one breathed was pure as pure could be with no pollution of any kind. People walked or rode horses to get to where they were going, or simply transported themselves through the realms. A world not yet experienced and one that only in time humanity shall experience.

Future Earth is awash with two Suns and one Moon, the neighbouring planets were so close that you need not travel far to arrive, the light of the Moon lasts longer as does the Sun light. Many did not even need to sleep and no one was ever deprived of anything in which they needed. Life and the pleasures of learning, teaching, crafting in the arts, mathematics, sciences, astronomy, astrology, artisans, dressmakers and so much more were priority over sleep. The minds were all connected as if one speaking was a wasted energy as everyone spoke and communicated by entrée of the mind. There were Twelve planets in this world as many as originally were in the beginning of time, all being connected by one bridge, which brought not only unity but full balance. No one worried, needed for anything, money was not used as all things were traded and bartered for what one family needed, it was a world of complete peace, a time that was once before during the Golden Age and forgotten.

A land, a world, in which one day shall return and those who are chosen and those who have sought to gain through seeking the path of the Ancient Mighty Ones shall once again get to experience as those who are of an elevated mind and soul. In colour they were pure hues, purples, red, yellows, greens, oranges, as pure as one colour could ever be, the Sun was a pure gold colour the moon pure silver and white. Transportation in this time was all utilized from the energy of nature alone and all things created in Future were only from what the land could provide from the natural sources and that was all humanity needed to survive. There were no dis-eases, no governments as the people worked together, it was all pure and of truest of ways, simple, honest, and full of life ever evolving.

This is our Future Earth our New World. Moreover, during this vision I was not sure of what I was being shown at the time, until approximately two weeks later when I got an ezine from Spirit of Ma’at in which there was an article entitled Ea a Messenger from the Future in which Paula Peterson who channels with Ea, a Sumerian God of communication and travel had written a journey in which she had been shown in the year 2003. In this I tried to communicate with her to speak with her of my vision and to compare to her journey, though sadly she never returned my correspondences.

Then again some weeks after this I saw Future Earth again in an article I had come across in which it showed planets of the pure hued colours in which were being looked at, as the next Earth for humanity to life upon. Now, from time to time I travel there back and forth and everything thus to date has been warnings of what we need to do to awaken our minds and guide those who are closed to open their minds before it is too late. In reality the truth being this earth will not be destroyed per say, but their shall be an awakening and the humanoids shall once again live among humanity to see who is worthy and who is not, and this is to determine who shall reside in the Future Earth.

Why have I waited to reveal this message or vision, well when I have such visions I wait for a confirmation to share such revelations with a larger group of persons as to say, the Gods give us extremely profound visions and not all are able to handle the messages we are given, if at all, so one must be careful of when such a message is shared with others outside of one’s inner circle. May the Mighty Ones guide you all and may you be blessed with the knowledge and gained wisdom in your path to truth and understanding. This is an ongoing journey as I learn of the Other Worlds and Lands in which are full of life and knowledge.

Note:  Since having this vision and journey many validations have come to pass in which Solar Systems have been discovered by NASA that are out there with such colours and Sun’s within the systems in which have been found.  This may not be the world in which many of us shall live in, but it will be the Future World of our Descendants.


Something interesting; today on the internet I found this, this goes directly to what I was shown by Ea, ten/10 years ago,