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Astrology in the News!

This was a post in another group and I asked the author for his permission to post this to share.  It is an interesting look at a few topics in astrology and the occult in general.



Always interesting to see how astrology pops up in the news. First
mention is today in the Washington Post

Note that the heliocentric perspective is presented as objective truth
while the geocentric perspective is simply an illusion. In fact, if
you watch Mercury in the sky from Earth it will indeed appear to move
backwards. Of course the video itself is an illusion, being a series
of still pictures that change so quickly that they appear to move.
Clearly everything we see via video is therefore also false!

I, along with Plotinus, agree with astronomers that the planets and
stars are not actually causing effects on Earth. Instead the
underlying spiritual cycles control both the cycles of the Heavens and
cycles on Earth. Either that or the planetary archangels!

Finally it is very cute of the Washington Post to have it both ways,
they report Mercury retrograde, explain what it is, give useful
information on when Mercury is retrograde, all definitely aimed at an
audience who are receptive and interested in astrology, then in the
end denounce astrology. Same old media strategy, as Billy Bragg says,
“Where they offer you a feature On stockings and suspenders Next to a
call for stiffer penalties for sex offenders”

Next example is the New York Times continuing expose of the evils of

And yes this appears to be pretty heinous fraud. But this story links
back to an earlier one on fortunetellers who are not simply using this
as a con, but believe in what they are doing

The NYT’s attitude is the traditional one, all fortunetelling is
fraud, no matter what the fortuneteller themselves believe. Under New
York Penal Law §165.35, entitled, “Fortune telling”

“A person is guilty of fortune telling when, for a fee or compensation
which he directly or indirectly solicits or receives, he claims or
pretends to tell fortunes, or holds himself out as being able, by
claimed or pretended use of occult powers, to answer questions or give
advice on personal matters or to exorcise, influence or affect evil
spirits or curses;  except that this section does not apply to a
person who engages in the aforedescribed conduct as part of a show or
exhibition solely for the purpose of entertainment or amusement.

Fortune telling is a class B misdemeanor.”

So as long as you admit it is fake, you are ok. If, like me, you
believe that you can predict the future and do so, you are a criminal
in New York.

Christopher Warnock


Feb Snow Full Moon/ 2/22/2016

On the 2nd of February we will be having our Full Moon, which traditionally is called the Snow Moon. This is because it is the time of year when the snow is heaviest on the earth, it is on the 2nd month the 22nd day of 2016. We have a lot of two’s in this full moon. In numerology it adds up to the number 6 which is sacred to Venus, Diana, Janus and the Heart, the heart being the soul the Ka in which all truths are revealed from within. It is the number of the Human Soul the Ka force, it also unites Fire and Water and is the number of musicians, writers and the arts, so this full moon would be a great time to go into your own soul, your ka and seek what you want to manifest into this world to make a difference.

The Moon is in Virgo which is hazy for the energy of the Moon as Virgo is both a moveable and fixed sign ruled by Mercury on the night side. Traditionally Virgo ruled the 12th house before it was moved to the seventh house in the chart. It is the sign of magic and medicine and much healing is done at this time through the art of magic.

This is a rear occasion as there are many 2 twos surrounding this moon and it brings about our dual sides of our nature the dark and light. The ka within us for many we do not understand or accept that we have both the light and dark and that our energy is androgynous when we accept that we are dark and light and of both energies masculine and feminine we can begin to learn how to find that balance of Virgo’s Scales in our lives and then there lies the true healing we all seek or have found.

Many Blessings to all on the Full Moon this Feb.moon


Winter Solstice Cards

2014-12-21 14.10.29_resizedWishing you all a most blessed Winter Solstice, today I did a different style of reading for the Solstice using the Oracles of John Dee.

We look at the centre where we have the Gold Geographer — here it speaks to life’s events and reactions according to our own nature.  Always be willing to look behind the true meaning and not the outward appearance and seek to navigate around the doubt that can happen when we least expect.

Then we go to the Red Historian in the North which focus on Work Influences telling us not to get bogged down with the minutiae of living as this is a distraction to greater events in your life that stand out.  Reflect on your life if you feel stuck seek to make changes.

Here Urial asks?  What change do you think you might need?   Be honest with yourself!

Then we move to the east and the Green Historian which represents your Health and Happiness.  Everywhere in your life connections exist.  Search for pattens as you follow the road before you.  In your heath you will find mirrors that are cause and effect.  Look to your dreams for the hidden clues.  Here Raphael asks?  What are your dreams telling you?

Now to the South the place of Intentions and Direction.  We have the Green Geographer telling us it is easy to loose your way through the countless paths in life be willing to look at the long road ahead and when things feel complicated look to the simple things in life and with this mark the most important journeys in your life.  Here Michael asks?  What guidance do you look for on your journey?

Then last we come to the West and that of the Red Astronomer which represents Love and Inspiration.   Love should never been seen as a negotiation but as a shared experience, take care not to become the leading partner in your relationship and instead seek the harmonious understandings that make friendship and essential part of every love story.  Gabriel asks?  What remains when the tide is withdrawn?


May all be blessed in the season of the Light as Apollo the Sun once again prepares to rise above the heavens and the light of day once again becomes longer.

Rev. HPs Ariana Afsanay de Ly



Book your Blessed Samhain, New Year Reading w/Ariana today!!!

Ariana1This is the time of year when the spirits are out and are walking amongst the living, it is again when the veil is thinnest and the gateways open for our ancestors to cross over into our realm and return home to visit and have their favourite meal.

It is also the time when all forms of divination, spell casting, messages from the spirits come through for loved ones, a time of removal of those things we need to harvest and cut away from our lives.

There are so many questions we all have and Ariana is here to bring you some clarity, enlightenment, understanding and to find the answers you have been seeking. Ariana was born an old soul and is a natural psychic, she communicates through the stars, the spirits, the angels and brings you answers to your questions. Ariana is compassionate and will be there to help you find your way, your empowerment and who you are and what you need to make you life better.

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This is what in the Old Ways we know as Samhain (so wín), it is our New Year when we communicate on your behalf to bring messages over from the other side. This is when we offer our blessings to our Ancestors in remembering them for what role they have played in our lives and our paths we walk upon today. It is the time when we ask for blessings for the year ahead for those whom we love, but most of all it when we open up ourselves to messages that will bring wisdome and understanding into our lives.

There are so many questions we all have and Ariana is here to bring you some clarity, enlightenment, understanding and to find the answers you have been seeking. Ariana was born an old soul and is a natural psychic, she communicates through the stars, the spirits, the angels and brings you answers to your questions. Ariana is compassionate and will be there to help you find your way, your empowerment and who you are and what you need to make you life better.

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Have an amazing week and many blessings and may you all be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity for in truly giving back you shall always be blessed. Be the beacon of light that shines so bright it destroys all the negative in this world.

Many Blessings
Ariana Afsanay de Ly

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Fall Blessings to you All

AncientMagicBookandRavenThe time of magic and change is upon us all, the leaves are changing colours, all things are moving to the time when the earth is under dimmer lights, the sun sets earlier and brings us the sunset lights, as Apollo returns home to the farther northern lands. The Moon and stars are high in the sky, the time of the old ways, the spirits as they are walking among the living is upon. We are in a very magical and special time when we begin to do the work of shedding away those things, persons and anything that does not bring blessings into our live and cutting it out.

This is the time in which spells are cast, the readings of the spirits are among us and joining all of our mind in the Web of Wyrd in doing our work with Hecate the Queen of the Underworld, Queen of Justice and Truth, the bringer of hidden actions, acts and deeds against us out into the light with her torches that guide us through the darkness the place in which all Wisdome derives. It is this time we do our work and Justice will be done.

This is my first Autumn/Fall home in 28 years, as I watch the trees changes the colours of the leaves and feel the change in the air from hot to crisp and I wake up each morning blessed more than the day before. I wake up to see the stars and constellations above me as I do my morning rites before I begin my day when the Moon is high in the sky she shines her radiating light upon me as I begin my day with the Blessings of Isis and Diana the Mothers and Creators of us all upon me.

The magic of this time is so amazing and this is my favourite time of the year, this is the time when I honour and celebrate my Ancestors for So win is named after one of my ancestors from the Old So win date, originally being called the Feast of Mongfind. No wonder I love this time so very much I am of the old soul and I walk amoung the spirits and see what they show me I am to share with you all.

May the blessings be to you all this season and always walk with your Torches of Hecate to reveal the shadows into the light as the light is the soul of us all, the darkness is just that darker skies and the wisdome we gain from within that darkness will only allow us to grow.

Always want blessings for others and always seek to better others and if you cannot be an inspiration or one who seeks to give another Empowerment than seek within yourself as to why you are willing to be there when asked by another for help or communication of what is ahead. Do not show favouritism over others for we all unique and great in our own ways, we all are individuals and of free will and mind. Do not conform to appease others for then you are not being true to yourself but doing for others this will only oppress you in your journey.

This is my blessing to you all this season.

I will begin my work tomorrow doing readings and I hope as this season is upon us those who seek to have guidance and seek to speak to others on the other side, have questions or concerns answered do so openly and let your heart and mind guide you for I am here to help you find understand and clarity. Contact me today for your Psychic Reading at 978-210-2423 to book your appointment with me today.

Many Blessings to you Always As by Rising Moon and Setting Sun It SO SHALL BE DONE!!!!

Reverend High Priestess Ariana


Planets and our Fate

I have been seeing a lot of this in clients charts at birth, many wonder why they have so many afflictions throughout life. The eighth house is the house where many issues arise and it said that when you have a good planet in this house you will receive damage from good men, but if those same planets are well they will bring good things into your life.

Many do not believe that the planets, the fixed stars, the motion in which they travel or for that matter the heavens have any say in our lives. Yes, the planets are there, their nature, effects , energies and more have existed from billions of years and it is the technique in which was used by the Sumerians, and all those cultures prior to modern inventions. The Sumerians were the first inventors of all knowledge we have today, they were the first to define how the stars related to below the heavens events. When it is a good time for building they used the planets, for the planting of the crops they used the planets, for marriages they used the planets, for reading the signs of war they used the planets, for harvesting they used the planets.

We are all created from the same force in this great big universe, we have different personalities, likes, dislikes, beliefs, interests and more, this is what defines us. Yet, we are all born of a certain path of fate and in all these things it is those planets that rule us when we are born that predicts all of these things within us. Yes, we are taught but in the of our fate, we are our Destiny.

Need answers to why things are happening, Ariana is available for private consultations for Traditional Astrology as well as Tarot or Psychic Readings. Ariana gives her clients one on one attention and works with them to give them the answers they seek from the other side. If you are uncertain as to why certain things are happening in your life and would like to find some answers, enlightenment and understanding, contact Ariana today.

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Many Blessings in the Dark and Light


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My Journey to Future Earth Vision

My Journey to Future Earth Vision

Received on 29 June 2008

by Ariana Silver

In many of my journeys in which I have traveled I remember few, but on this night I went on a most powerful journey of awakening and new life in which lies ahead. Now, when I had this vision it was so profound that in my describing it to my True Mother, I knew it was not yet time to reveal to any form of mass community. What makes this vision even more powerful is that I received it on the 8 year anniversary of Leo’s passing to Sumerland and 8 years prior on the same night he came to me in a vision to reveal to me who I truly was and that it was really my time to remember and find my True Mother.

Why am I revealing said vision now, well today, my husband and I went to see the movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage and within this movie many of things in which I saw and have been seeing occurring were revealed to in the movie.

My journey as shown to me by the Ancient Mighty Ones, to our Future Earth, is as follows’. This the day in which we honour Leo Martello & journey within as he makes his presence known and visiting from the Sumerland, magic cast, knowledge gained, visions and dreams with answers to questions and Prophecy seen.

Within this most of profound vision journeys I took an extraordinary journey, a journey to future earth. A world that was awash of Solar lights, bridges connecting to all the lands and planets in this system, silent voices in which communicated through the mind, and the colours so radiant and pure, ones that could only be of the Gods Lands. Each planet had a special feature one was of Agriculture, another arts and artisans, another of knowledge and teaching, each planet represented the nature of the God or Goddess in which was the Patron or Ruling nature. Yet here, everything was utilized and for free, nothing was paid for with money, but with hard work and all were one. The people were peaceful by nature and enjoyed communicating with one another on such a higher level that speaking and writing were not necessary, though the library on this Earth held all of the works of Philosophers, Astrologers, Occultists, and more from time before it existed. I have travelled many a journey and most are profound but this came at a time when we are seeing so much change in the world and not so much for the better, but it is a time of which we are to know that those who truly seek shall find truth and be the ones chosen to continue life in another place and time as destined by the Gods for those who seek to evolve and understand without fear and without question.

As for my life in this world, I am unsure, as I was viewing from above the this world, hovering as if to only see of what will come in the future. However, I do know that in this world in which I was later walking around and all you could see were souls that were so radiant and pure it was a breath of fresh air. Clothing here was light and thin as the weather was not hot nor cold, the air one breathed was pure as pure could be with no pollution of any kind. People walked or rode horses to get to where they were going, or simply transported themselves through the realms. A world not yet experienced and one that only in time humanity shall experience.

Future Earth is awash with two Suns and one Moon, the neighbouring planets were so close that you need not travel far to arrive, the light of the Moon lasts longer as does the Sun light. Many did not even need to sleep and no one was ever deprived of anything in which they needed. Life and the pleasures of learning, teaching, crafting in the arts, mathematics, sciences, astronomy, astrology, artisans, dressmakers and so much more were priority over sleep. The minds were all connected as if one speaking was a wasted energy as everyone spoke and communicated by entrée of the mind. There were Twelve planets in this world as many as originally were in the beginning of time, all being connected by one bridge, which brought not only unity but full balance. No one worried, needed for anything, money was not used as all things were traded and bartered for what one family needed, it was a world of complete peace, a time that was once before during the Golden Age and forgotten.

A land, a world, in which one day shall return and those who are chosen and those who have sought to gain through seeking the path of the Ancient Mighty Ones shall once again get to experience as those who are of an elevated mind and soul. In colour they were pure hues, purples, red, yellows, greens, oranges, as pure as one colour could ever be, the Sun was a pure gold colour the moon pure silver and white. Transportation in this time was all utilized from the energy of nature alone and all things created in Future were only from what the land could provide from the natural sources and that was all humanity needed to survive. There were no dis-eases, no governments as the people worked together, it was all pure and of truest of ways, simple, honest, and full of life ever evolving.

This is our Future Earth our New World. Moreover, during this vision I was not sure of what I was being shown at the time, until approximately two weeks later when I got an ezine from Spirit of Ma’at in which there was an article entitled Ea a Messenger from the Future in which Paula Peterson who channels with Ea, a Sumerian God of communication and travel had written a journey in which she had been shown in the year 2003. In this I tried to communicate with her to speak with her of my vision and to compare to her journey, though sadly she never returned my correspondences.

Then again some weeks after this I saw Future Earth again in an article I had come across in which it showed planets of the pure hued colours in which were being looked at, as the next Earth for humanity to life upon. Now, from time to time I travel there back and forth and everything thus to date has been warnings of what we need to do to awaken our minds and guide those who are closed to open their minds before it is too late. In reality the truth being this earth will not be destroyed per say, but their shall be an awakening and the humanoids shall once again live among humanity to see who is worthy and who is not, and this is to determine who shall reside in the Future Earth.

Why have I waited to reveal this message or vision, well when I have such visions I wait for a confirmation to share such revelations with a larger group of persons as to say, the Gods give us extremely profound visions and not all are able to handle the messages we are given, if at all, so one must be careful of when such a message is shared with others outside of one’s inner circle. May the Mighty Ones guide you all and may you be blessed with the knowledge and gained wisdom in your path to truth and understanding. This is an ongoing journey as I learn of the Other Worlds and Lands in which are full of life and knowledge.

Note:  Since having this vision and journey many validations have come to pass in which Solar Systems have been discovered by NASA that are out there with such colours and Sun’s within the systems in which have been found.  This may not be the world in which many of us shall live in, but it will be the Future World of our Descendants.


Something interesting; today on the internet I found this, this goes directly to what I was shown by Ea, ten/10 years ago,