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‘Witchcraft’ abuse cases on the rise

Witchcraft abuses cases on the rise,  Read the entire article by clicking on the link.

Child abuse linked to exorcism and witchcraft accusations is on the rise, figures obtained by the BBC suggest.

The Metropolitan Police said there had been 60 crimes linked to faith in London so far this year. It saw reports double from 23 in 2013 to 46 in 2014.

Half of UK police forces do not record such cases and many local authorities are also unable to provide figures.

The NSPCC said authorities “need to ensure they are able to spot the signs of this particular brand of abuse”.

London is unique in having a police team, Project Violet, dedicated to this type of abuse.

Its figures relate to crime reports where officers have flagged a case as involving abuse linked to faith or belief. Many of the cases involve children.




A Story Waiting to Pierce You: Mongolia, Tibet and the Destiny of the Western World, by Peter Kingsley

Peter Kingsley has written some of the most profound works that focus on the Western Mysteries, bringing back to the world those philosophers of the Ancient Times work who has been forgotten or long-lost.  It is from these philosophers, teachers, magicians that we have our way of life today.  It is from them we have learned of the depths of the Gods and their natures, their oracles as they guide us to find the answers from within and much more.  I own all of his earlier works and they are works that I do go back and read often as they guide me home to where I came from and take me on journeys in which I remember who I truly am prior to today’s societal expectations.

I highly recommend this work and all of his work for anyone who is a true seeker of self, spirit and the truth from within.

410011FrSOL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_” title=”A Story Waiting to Pierce You: Mongolia, Tibet and the Destiny of the Western World, by Peter Kingsley.” target=”_blank”>

Revealing a forgotten truth in the present day, this account illuminates the crumbling political and economic structures of the West, shedding light on an ongoing and arduous search for a sense of purpose. Recounting a true story, this exploration tells of a wandering Mongol shaman who made a dramatic appearance around the Mediterranean centuries before the time of Christ. Highlighting how this nomad came as an envoy on a mission of purification, this study records how he met with a man who became tremendously influential in Western science, philosophy, culture, and religion: Pythagoras. The essence of Western civilization is said to have originated from this meeting and this examination argues that today’s conflicts and tensions have stemmed from taking this monumental occasion for granted, forgetting that there must be a greater meaning to life than everyday efforts and struggles. Reflecting on a time when Eastern and Western cultures were one, this evocation contends that there is still a common spiritual heritage to all civilizations. A unique collaboration between the author and archaeologists, historians, and shamans from around the world, this document has the potential to change the future for all.

Can the Moon Affect Healing?

This is a great article, and as a healer as well as a Traditional Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor I work with energy all the time, I have done readings for people who have gotten ill and this is called Medical Astrology made popular by Nicholas Culpepper with the focus on the location and sign in which the Moon was located in when one became ill, and following its path would show how long an illness would afflict that individual.
Also in Medical Astrology there is a great work that was at one point (I do not know about today), written by H.L. Cornell which focuses on the astrological position of the planets and the Moon when looking at certain afflictions in the body and mind in a client.
Personally I think this work should be used today by practicing medical doctors it would be of a great benefit to those diagnosing dis-eases today.  Many diseases can be found when looking at the specific location of the planets, Moon or signs in one’s native chart.
An example being when one has Saturn in Virgo in the tenth house shows the child born with either some form of disfigure or mental issues.  This is also true when one has Aquarius in the twelfth house on the issue of mental issues.
If more modern-day medical doctors, medical as well as psychological used Medical Astrology in their practices I believe so many more dis-eases would be cured and a way to pin point in one’s life when it occurred how to target the treatment to relieve this aliment quicker.
The Moon is the Mother of the signs in Cancer being it’s home sign.  It is the sign of the natural mother, the home, the heart, compassion and healing.  The Moon came before the light and is powerful in her perigee and apogee.

Responsibilities of Leaders in the Occult Communities; A Rant!!!

When we of the Western Mysteries, Occultists, Crafters, Old Religionists, Priests and Priestesses of the Gods and Goddesses are in the public light we are held to a higher standard and others feel that without knowing anything of us as a person, magician, witch, or whatever title they have the right to point fingers and speak behind the keyboard about 9 times out of 10 that have nothing to do with… them at all.

I have been in the Occult for many, many years born into it from a very old blood line and I have to say I see so many who claim to be leaders fall far short of that position. When we stand as Leaders in the Occult we are that Leaders we are to be of a higher standard to set examples by our works, deeds, actions and when we have those who seek us out for healing, protection, counselling, and to teach them we must lead by example. We must stand up and defend when something is wrong, sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss what is going on instead of pointing fingers and just assuming something of another person, or their teachings. We are to build up those who seek us out, not knock them down, we celebrate their growth as we all as individuals must do our OWN work in order to find the truth, to become a practicing witch, magician, crafter, druid and so on, it is not the teacher, the teacher is a guide who provides the tools and from their example of working with others, teaching, doing their studies and comparing systems and teaching methods also develop.

My “True Mother” told me one time that we are only validated by the Gods, but they too can take it away, they can wipe our minds of what we have been shown and taught when we use our work to harm others, voice false claims or false witness of others. I have learned in this world that unless you have the FACTS and can back up what you are saying it is best to keep your mouth shut. The internet has allowed for many cowards out there to hide behind the keyboard with their words and when called to the carpet they turn and run for they the facts are not on their side.

Too much I see good people, Priestesses, Priests, Magicians attacked in the media or by other parties from other groups, but are you willing to do so to their face are you willing to sit down and have a cup of coffee to make peace when you know you have wronged?   Not many would, this is what is wrong today so few have the value or quality that they are willing to step up and take responsibility for their actions. I am not saying that all are false, but when it is and when it affects the community as a whole it is time to have a sit down.

We are draw from the same well and source in our magic and when one brings poison to the well it affects the entire source.


My rant for today.



In Memory of Dr. Leo Louis Martello



Today marks the 13th Anniversary of Dr. Leo Louis Martello’s passing and returning home to Sumerland.  Leo did so much, he was an author, activist and so much more.  Today of all days is a celebration of his work as a Gay Rights Activist all those years ago in New York for one day before his Memorial, California has let go of proposal 8 and now All Gays and Lesbians are free to marry on the same ground as hetrosexual couples.  It seems so fitting that Leo’s energy and he is here celebrating such an amazing victory for the Equal Rights of Gays around the globe.  This was something he fought hard for and now the doors are opening and the laws which were already there under the First Amendment are now seeing so many couples finally getting to marry the ones’ they love.

Leo was known for so much, but today in light of this great Victory we speak more on his works as an activist.

We love you and Miss you so much Leo, we know you are here with us all.

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