Giordano Bruno

Astro Weather for Week of 16-21st of August

Mercury Talisman; Agrippa

Mercury Talisman; Agrippa

We finally have some good planet positions for the casting of astrological magic and astrological talismans.  While we do still have those planets that are in term (which is bringing on the heavier more aggressive natures as is clear in what is going on around the globe today, we have a small window to do some magic workings with the celestial, mercury and mars to shift some of those energies around for the better.

Sun is in his own Sign and in Trip this is a good placement for talisman of the sun as long as the moon is not opposing and there are not any afflictions with other planets that are conjunct.

Mercury is in EXALTATION, he is in his sign and in triplicity and this is an excellent time to create or re-consecrate your mercurial talismans to bring those energies and that of the nature of Mercury for success in business into your life.

Mars is in his own sign and in trip another good placement for a talisman.

Within the fixed stars we have Regulas w/Mercury and this brings honourable things, popularity, generosity but those who are the givers will take it for granted, by those who you give it too and fame and gain through high position.

Alphecca is with Mars and this brings an Active Mind and it is a better time for writing then in speaking what you wish to say, so wait a week to say what must be said to ensure you do not come across misunderstood.

Sirius with Mars this is a courageous and generous and a great time to begin work in connection with the metals.


This is a powerful time take advantage of the placements and what you have been seeking in your life it is time to move the plans forward and manifest it into your life.


Many Blessings in the Light and Dark

Rev. HPs Ariana Afsanay de Ly


We Remember Giordano Bruno, Philosopher, Magi, Defender of Truth & Justice

On the 17th of February 2014 we remember the death and life of Giordano Bruno; Philosopher, Magi and one who gave his life for “TRUTH” and feared NO one.  As he said to the Inquisition Court and the Cardinals seated there in, “You who pronounce this sentence do so with greater fear than I who receive it.” 

His crime was “Truth” and this he paid the supreme price with his life.  He never backed down he would become a traitor to NO one; traitor’s are COWARDS and are the ones who are the betrayers to all humanity. 

Giordano Bruno died but one time, however, he lives forever in the hearts of all who see “Truth and Justice.”  And the flames that took his life also gave him life and continue unto this day he will forever be remembered by all who seek truth and justice.

Today in Rome the statue of Giordano Bruno on Campo Di Fiore stands as a reminder to all NEVER back down when you know you are right!!!

We remember all those who have lost their lives to the truth.



Be Blessed my Ancestor with all my love forever.


Rev. Lori Bruno, HPs/Elder

Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church

Rev. Darcie M. Clausen – Vélez

Temple of Diana


Temple of Nine Wells


Mercury Talisman; 2013 Sept 4

We are fortunate to have one of our favourite astrological talismans coming up in September, the Mercury Talisman.  Mercury is in exaltation now in his own sign, we always look for Mercury to manifest his energy into our lives, this particular talisman is for that of Good Will, Wit and Increased Memory something we can all use. This was calculated for San Juan, PR region, however, you can recalculate to your region and time-zone just by setting your information to your areas Sunrise time.

Talisman for Good Will, Wit and Increased Memory - 2013 4 Sept

Talisman for Good Will, Wit and Increased Memory – 2013 4 Sept

This talisman is calculated for Wednesday the 4th day of September 2013 at 07:05 or 7:05 am, Mercury hour on Mercury day he has a +11 in dignity he is in ruler, exalt and face.  Mercury is conjunct the Sun and the Moon is not afflicted.  Note:  This talisman has a small window for consecration you have from 7:05 am to finish it by 7:15 am.

The image is that of a man sitting upon a chair or riding a peacock having eagles feet and on his head a crest and in his left hand holding a cock or fire. Herb:  Marjoram, Parsley and Dill, there are many others but these are the base ones to use you may also use Basil. If you can get your hands on sheet metal you can use tin or silver, silver being if you have virgin silver.  You may also use the stone of Mercury Agate to engrave your images onto the night prior to consecration.  However, you may also use virgin bees-wax or parchment paper as well.

Draw the above image on the front of the talisman an the image of the Seal of Mercury his sigil and his intelligence on the back of the sigil.  If using parchment paper carry this talisman on you in school, when writing or studying, or when you are just wanting all together good energy around you, it is good will.  If on metal or stone wear it around your next on a string if you can otherwise just put it in a lavender mojo bag and place it in your purse or pocket on the left side (whenever you are out), remember it is in your pants so you do not wash it.

Mercury Talisman; Agrippa

Mercury Talisman; Agrippa

You will draw the following symbols on the back your talisman the Magic Square of Mercury and the sigil of Mercury underneath the Magic Square then you will draw his intelligence on the back side with along with the Seal of Mercury (I am attaching the image of the one Agrippa has in his book Three Books of Occult Philosophy for your benefit).  I am also including the magic square so you can see how it is to look.  The Mercury Magic Square adds up to 2080 the Hebrew letters that are used on talismans (just draw them with a true heart and their magic will manifest).

Remember to note you have two images to choose from when drawing or engraving, the first one is the best one to use as it is easier for most to understand

At the appropriate hour light your candle (Yellow for Mercury) and your incense for suffumigation of your talisman ready, you will invoke Mercury using his Orphic Hymn and while chanting his hymn you will suffumigate your talisman holding it over the smoke of the incense.  Once you have finished leave the candle burning until it has burned completely out on its own.  You will chant this hymn eight times as this is the number of Mercury.

The Orphic Hymn to Mercury

The Fumigation from Frankincense

Hermes, draw near, and to my pray’r incline, Angel of Jove, and Maia’s son divine; Prefect of contest, ruler of mankind, With heart almighty, and a prudent mind. Celestial messenger of various skill, Whose pow’rful arts could watchful Argus kill. With winged feet ’tis thine thro’ air to course,

O friend of man, and prophet of discourse; Great life-supporter, to rejoice is thine In arts gymnastic, and in fraud divine. With pow’r endu’d all language to explain, Of care the loos’ner, and the source of gain. Whose hand contains of blameless peace the rod, Corucian, blessed, profitable God. Of various speech, whose aid in works we find,

And in necessities to mortals kind. Dire weapon of the tongue, which men revere, Be present, Hermes, and thy suppliant hear; Assist my works, conclude my life with peace, Give graceful speech, and memory’s increase.


Numerology and Arithomancy; the Vibration of Numbers

English: Bronze statue of Giordano Bruno by Et...

English: Bronze statue of Giordano Bruno by Ettore Ferrari (1845-1929), Campo de’ Fiori, Rome. Français : Statue de Giordano Bruno en bronze par Ettore Ferrari (1845-1929), Campo de’ Fiori, Rome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Numerology and Arithomancy; the Vibration of Numbers

By Ariana Clausen-Vélez

When we use numerology or Arithomancy to the latter being seldom used today but was used in ancient times by Pythrogoras to determine the nature of a person by adding up the numbers in one’s name.  Today numerology is used to show us what energy we carry in our name.  However, there is yet another system which is used in the Qabala called Gematria is another system of numerology in which is used in working with the Tree of Life and the Qabala system.

When we look at the naming of our children, our businesses, changing of our names many in the Qabala, Golden Dawn, Hermetic, Occultists do something that most people do not do, we look at the name and then put the numbers to it to see what energy is carried in the name.  This can determine one’s success or journey’s in life for business or lifetime.  Names mean many things and the strength of the name with the numerical value can make a big difference in the journey we endeavour.  It is much like that of the planets, numbers have a specific vibration as do the planets they associate to both the positive and negative of a vibration and can take us on many of an interesting journey.

I have been having fun all week with names, mine in particular however, I will be using for this article the name of Giordano Bruno.  While there is not found record of his actual birthday we do know he was born in 1548.  In gematria there is no association to the number 1548 but to the number 548 we find the association to the Clayish Ones, Qlippoth of Libra the Herd of the Qlippoth of Aries and YHVH Eloah va-Daath Lord God of Knowledge, divine name associated with Tiphareth on the Tree of Life which is the located in the Middle Pillar and of the 6th Sephiroth in the Tree of Life, it is associated to the Swords it is in between the paths of Justice, the Hermit, Death and the Devil.  The Qabalists link this Sephiroth to Christ because of its direct descent from Kether which does represent God and that of the Sun which is vital energy.  It is the lion, the phoenix, the child.  It is a sacrificed child and in the tarot the Hanged Man which represents that of one suffering at the hand of another having to descended into darkness before he can be of the light, sacrifice for the greater good of something greater.  In Giordano Bruno’s case it was for man to have the free will not taken away from them, for man to know that beyond the our earth there was life in other dimensions, that we are not alone, and in the end, for ultimate Justice for all the wrong doings on humanity from the hands of man and the Church.  All he taught and knew was right he had to suffer, by being imprisoned and tortured, seeing what man thought was darkness when Giordano saw all the light in heavens from this journey he was destined to travel.  He did not fear he fought against the devil himself that was created by the church and death was his final end.  It is the Sephiroth of Beauty and six is associated the planet of Venus which is the planet of Libra.  What is the Qlippoth?  It is the Tree of Death and the realm of demonic spirit it is the exact opposite of the Tree of Life.

When we look at the name Giordano Bruno we come up with the numbers for Giordano being 79694156 and Bruno 29356 adding up to the number 72/9.  Now, when we look at the number 72 in gematria it is associated to number of quinances in the Zodiac (this meaning all of the faces that are throughout each zodiac sign, each one have three faces and all being of various planetary natures), it is also the number of names for God it is also the number of names of Shem ha-Mephorash, the number of Goetic demons (which Bruno could call on and command), the number of joints in the human body.  It is associated on the Tree of Life to the Pillar of Mercy which is the right side of the Tree of Life and the seventh Sephiroth Chesed and the colour of blue and Jupiter (God), it is also that of the World of Atziluth, and he is is nobility the highest of the four Cabalistic worlds, he is Father and Yod of the Tetragrammaton.  The number seventy-two is also that Archangel of Sagittarius (Zadikiel) and of the Hebrew word Gilgul which means one who is revolving, transmigration and reincarnation.  Giordano Bruno was all of this and he reincarnated from the 12th century when in Italy there was seen a star, comet that hit the Moon and that star in the sky that hit the Moon was called Giordano  Bruno (  Now we look at the number 9, nine is the number of completion prior to starting a journey or life from the beginning; it is the number of squares in the kamea of Saturn and that of the metal lead.  It is of the ninth path of the Sephiroth that of Binah and Saturn and the colour dark grey and on the left side of Tree of Life on the path of Severity.  When we turn the number 72 around we see the number 27 (this is the day in which Giordano’s descendant was born and in that year the documents regarding his murder and inquisition were once again brought out into the light to reveal his innocence).  In gematria twenty-seven in the number in which is the path between Netzach and Hod, Netzach being on the Pillar of Mercy and the fourth sephiroth and Hod on the Pillar of Severity and the third septhiroth and the Hebrew word Zak which means pure, clear, transparent and innocent.

If you anything about Giordano Bruno you would know these numbers in which his name adds up to is right on target for his life after he left the monastery.

In numerology we also look at how many of each number appears in one’s name and this determining many things, depending on how many of an individual number appears.

  • He has one number one appearing in his name and this interprets one who finds it difficult to show their feelings openly.
  • He has one number two appearing in his name and this interprets one not coping well in a competitive environment and can take criticism to heart.
  • He has one number three in his name and it inclines him to an extraordinary memory and one is bright and alert.  He taught the Art of Memory and how to retain what one was taught by association to the seven paths of Azoroth in Hermetic Philosophy.
  • He has one number four in his name inclining one to be of cleverness and their hands always doing something as well as happiest when making or doing.
  • He has two fives in his name this inclining him being a well balanced person despite any challenges.
  • He has three sixes in his name inclining to a life of chaos and over protective of those they love as well lack of order in their own life.
  • He has one seven in his name, showing that only through suffering can wisdom and understanding be gained.  He endured many paths in the dark and found from that the greatest of wisdom and understanding.
  • Lastly he has two nines in his name which shows one to place very high standards on themselves, critical of others.  Very serious people, thoughtful and with little or no sense of humour very grave nature.

What I find interesting is rarely does any one person have the entire span of numbers in their name he is only missing the eight all other number appear in his name which is not common.

Finally seeing that we are unique and fascinating individuals we are all born to a destiny, a path in which we are to take, but in the end we can define our future by the paths and choices we make.  The planets, numbers, colours, associations and the vibrations are our guide it is up to us to manifest our lives for a greater understanding and wisdom.

What do you think would happen if everyone paid attention to their own personal vibrations and energy that they emit out into the Universe?  It would be amazing to say the least.


Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopaedia by David Godwin

The Numerology Workbook by Julia Line

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Sophia (Wisdom) in the Celsus Library in Ephesus


By Giordano Bruno 1548-1600

“The divine Sophia have I loved and sought from my youth; I have desired her to be my spouse.  Ever have I loved and her beauteous radiant form.  Ever have I prayed that she might be sent to abide with me, that she might work with me to the end that I might know what I lacked and what in me God would find acceptable.  And since she had ever known and understood, had guided me in all my life’s activity, I am persuaded that even after death she will ever keep me safe, wrapped securely in her watchful constant love.”


Sophia; Goddess of Wisdom Bride of God, by Matthews, Caitlin; pg 251