20th August 2017 — Solar Eclipse Energies

Solar Eclipse Chart


This Eclipse is above the earth in the Mid-heaven and this means that following in the next five to eight months the effects shall start to be seen and shall be in affect from anywhere from six to fourteen months.

This Eclipse is located in the tenth house and the ten house represents the following;

The Tenth House:

We have here the house that rules higher levels of the government, and that of the ruling class of all countries nation’s prestige, its “aristocracy,” and the opinion other countries hold of the nation. This is where the national identity becomes wholly conscious and strives to achieve the most ample portions of the collective dream.

Being a Solar Eclipse and in Leo of the third face/decan of the sign, this eclipse portends an increase in building fires, the breaking down of government as we also have Mars in conjunction with the Sun and this will show an increase in wars, conflicts it will also have an impact on imprisonment of corruption with high level figures, military interference in towns and cities as well as an increase in violent death as well as more younger men in death.  With the fire energy we shall see more in the ways of gun shot deaths across the globe.  Diseases of the blood are also common and as Leo rules the heart a rise in heart diseases.  It also presages and increase in looting as well as the destruction of holy places with Mercury being in the nature of this placement of the eclipse with Leo there is also to be presages an increase in rains, thunder and lightening storms and I have been feeling for some time we may even see martial law occur in some areas.

With this being a fire sign Eclipse I would recommend for protection upon your home and body, on the night of this Eclipse to light a Red Candle and place it in your East Window where the Sun will originally come through as well as lighting and invoking the energy of Michael the Archangel to protect your home and body from harm of any kind and to be wise.

Many people are fascinated by the sight of Eclipses, but dating back as far as they have occurred they have always been that of bad omens.  It is the blocking of the light in which creates this energy.  The ancients knew this as did all other cultures that worked with the heavens and stars daily as their guide to the seasons and when it was best to plant, move, marry and more.





Workshop: The Basics of Astrological Magic and Talismans

Workshop:  The Basics of Astrological Magic and Talismans

Presented by Ariana Afsanay de Ly:  Reverend High Priestess, Psychic and Traditional Astrologer

Register Today: https://squareup.com/dashboard/items/library

Date:  2014 July 5
Time:  3:00 – 4:30 pm PDT
Cost:  $65.00 (contact me directly, please with any questions)

Location:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/chhq1u6favq93c55vk57appvlo0

In this workshop we will be covering the basics of Astrological magic with a focus on discussing what is astrology, the ancient zodiac signs from Mesopotamia. We will also be looking at the star charts of Babylonian as… they are used even today when focusing on working with their influences in Mediaeval magic and talismans and how according to the Babylonian the signs were in the wheel prior to today’s wheel layout.

We will also be discussing the zodiac signs, colours and numbers associated along with the virtues, spirits and intelligence/s that rule them when working directly with a specific planet and seal.

Finally we will be looking at how we calculate the magic we cast by looking at the Witches Timepiece and planetary hours (lower magic) and the days of the week and the best hours to cast magic.

It is very important to have a basic knowledge and understanding of the celestial system prior to casting any magic, magic is from those realms of the invisible and when we do our work we call on the spirits, intelligences, the Gods and Goddesses which are directly above us in the planets that move throughout the heavens. When we do our work we are invoking the very nature of the Universe at the Mental level and if you do not know what you are doing, I think that say it all.

Location: Google Hangouts so you must have a Google acct to attend.

The Workshop will cost 65.00 per person and each person will receive a file of the topic to follow along, however, this will only be provided after you register and you shall receive your file the day of the workshop.

Payment options shall be posted on my website athttp://afsanaydely.com/, I do have the Square and will be having an online payment option for this amazing workshop.

Register Today: https://squareup.com/dashboard/items/library

Presented by:  Ariana Clausen – Velez – Traditional Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor


Jupiter Talisman 2

We have a great aspect with Jupiter being in exaltation and with this we can work with him to aid in success, fortune and prosperity and good luck. When we work with him he has to be in either his rising or culmination and well dignified with the Moon and separated from malign planets that could cause interference with his work. Remember Jupiter is the Jovian energy he is god like above all the others, the Father to all the Gods and Goddesses.

I will be looking at an upcoming date for the next Jupiter Talisman to be cast and consecrated on the 3rd day of October 2013, San Juan, PR, AST/EDT at the hour of 07:00 am on Jupiter day in Jupiter hour. The images in which I shared for the election that we had back in 2013 July will be the same images and you will use the same invocation as well. Using Frankincense or Storax as your resin incense and gold and purple candles.

I will of course put more information up for everyone and good casting.

It is best to work with Jupiter when he is well dignified in your own chart as that will increase the energy and manifestations of your workings with him. If you have any questions or would like your chart cast to see where is sits in your chart just contact me directly.

Darci "Ariana" Clausen – Velez

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Mercury Talisman; 2013 Sept 4

We are fortunate to have one of our favourite astrological talismans coming up in September, the Mercury Talisman.  Mercury is in exaltation now in his own sign, we always look for Mercury to manifest his energy into our lives, this particular talisman is for that of Good Will, Wit and Increased Memory something we can all use. This was calculated for San Juan, PR region, however, you can recalculate to your region and time-zone just by setting your information to your areas Sunrise time.

Talisman for Good Will, Wit and Increased Memory - 2013 4 Sept

Talisman for Good Will, Wit and Increased Memory – 2013 4 Sept

This talisman is calculated for Wednesday the 4th day of September 2013 at 07:05 or 7:05 am, Mercury hour on Mercury day he has a +11 in dignity he is in ruler, exalt and face.  Mercury is conjunct the Sun and the Moon is not afflicted.  Note:  This talisman has a small window for consecration you have from 7:05 am to finish it by 7:15 am.

The image is that of a man sitting upon a chair or riding a peacock having eagles feet and on his head a crest and in his left hand holding a cock or fire. Herb:  Marjoram, Parsley and Dill, there are many others but these are the base ones to use you may also use Basil. If you can get your hands on sheet metal you can use tin or silver, silver being if you have virgin silver.  You may also use the stone of Mercury Agate to engrave your images onto the night prior to consecration.  However, you may also use virgin bees-wax or parchment paper as well.

Draw the above image on the front of the talisman an the image of the Seal of Mercury his sigil and his intelligence on the back of the sigil.  If using parchment paper carry this talisman on you in school, when writing or studying, or when you are just wanting all together good energy around you, it is good will.  If on metal or stone wear it around your next on a string if you can otherwise just put it in a lavender mojo bag and place it in your purse or pocket on the left side (whenever you are out), remember it is in your pants so you do not wash it.

Mercury Talisman; Agrippa

Mercury Talisman; Agrippa

You will draw the following symbols on the back your talisman the Magic Square of Mercury and the sigil of Mercury underneath the Magic Square then you will draw his intelligence on the back side with along with the Seal of Mercury (I am attaching the image of the one Agrippa has in his book Three Books of Occult Philosophy for your benefit).  I am also including the magic square so you can see how it is to look.  The Mercury Magic Square adds up to 2080 the Hebrew letters that are used on talismans (just draw them with a true heart and their magic will manifest).

Remember to note you have two images to choose from when drawing or engraving, the first one is the best one to use as it is easier for most to understand

At the appropriate hour light your candle (Yellow for Mercury) and your incense for suffumigation of your talisman ready, you will invoke Mercury using his Orphic Hymn and while chanting his hymn you will suffumigate your talisman holding it over the smoke of the incense.  Once you have finished leave the candle burning until it has burned completely out on its own.  You will chant this hymn eight times as this is the number of Mercury.

The Orphic Hymn to Mercury

The Fumigation from Frankincense

Hermes, draw near, and to my pray’r incline, Angel of Jove, and Maia’s son divine; Prefect of contest, ruler of mankind, With heart almighty, and a prudent mind. Celestial messenger of various skill, Whose pow’rful arts could watchful Argus kill. With winged feet ’tis thine thro’ air to course,

O friend of man, and prophet of discourse; Great life-supporter, to rejoice is thine In arts gymnastic, and in fraud divine. With pow’r endu’d all language to explain, Of care the loos’ner, and the source of gain. Whose hand contains of blameless peace the rod, Corucian, blessed, profitable God. Of various speech, whose aid in works we find,

And in necessities to mortals kind. Dire weapon of the tongue, which men revere, Be present, Hermes, and thy suppliant hear; Assist my works, conclude my life with peace, Give graceful speech, and memory’s increase.


Talisman of Regulas: 18 August 2013

Regulas Talisman

18 August 2013 06:28 am AST Calculated for San Juan, PR Note:  Estimated time is 44 minutes to complete this Talisman The hour is the hour of the Sun on the day of the Sun with Regulas in the rising at 29° Leo 38’ and the Sun applies to Regulas. RegulasTalisman In mediæval magic, Regulas rules the stone granite and the herbs of sallendine, mugwort, and mastic also you may use wormwood. The image is that of a lion, cat or an honourable person seated in a chair, you may also use the head of the lion or cat.  It makes the wearer temperate, gives favour and appeases wrath, dispels melancholy and brings success and happiness. On either a piece of parchment paper cut into a circular shape or that of a ring with that of a head of a lion, a piece of virgin bees-wax draw on the front the head of a lion and on the back draw the sigil of Regulas directly above the image draw the sigil of Leo, around the edges in Hebrew (if familiar with the language) from right to left Proverbs 4:8 or inscribe in English begin at the top and left to right; Proverbs 4:8 “Prize her highly, and she will exalt you; she will honour you if you embrace her.”   Image of Regulas to draw inside of circle on back of talisman below;  Just above this sigil draw the sigil of Leo; making sure to draw the image of the Lion on the front of your talisman and the sigil of Leo and Regulas on the Back of the talisman with Proverbs 4:8 around the sigils on the back in a circle. LeoImage Image12 At the hour prepare your incense and light your candle a yellow and purple candle are good to use, in the East facing as the Sun and Regulas rises, begin drawing your images and while drawing chant the following invocation until you have completed.  Place this in your wallet, on the desk where you pay your bills, or on the altar dedicated to the Sun while being sure to charge it weekly on Sunday in your daily rituals. Incense you use mugwort, wormwood, or Acabia mastic (a white powder) on a charcoal.  Be sure to suffumigate your talisman over the smoke of the incense when finished still chanting the invocation to the Sun.

Using the Invocation to the Sun

“Greetings O Life of the Universe and the Light of the World, answer my call and give me Radiance and Acceptance, O Sun I Call Thee by your Names; in Arabic SHAMS, in Persian MUHR, in Roman IYLYOOS, in Indian AARS and BRAA.  You are the Light and Glory of the World, the middle of all, whom greets the universe and all evil, the fixer and connecter, the highest in levels, the highest in places, I ask you to assist me with this king or all the kings of the earth or support with the state of rank or presidency and make me Radiant and Accepted as you are the Master and King of the Planets.  With you the world lights up and shines, I ask you the Controller of All to have mercy on me and my begging and submissiveness. (Picatrix The Goal of the Wise Vol II)

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Sun Talisman Election


Talisman of the Sun

4 August 2013

07:00 am

San Juan, PR

Adjust appropriately to your time zone.


Sun is in the rising un-afflicted with the Moon in his day and hour in Term and a +9 in dignity.

You will need to get a cock or you can download and print an image of one or draw one into Beeswax or into a Yellow Candle.  With being properly prepared with shower, and dress in yellows and purples colours of regal and noble Jovian energies.

You will need the following;

Incense; Aloe or if you cannot find aloe sticks you can use saffron, frankincense or amber.

Yellow Candle

Either Image drawn into Beeswax or a Yellow Candle if you are using the image of the cock use the below instructions if you are using the image of the King crowned light the incense and candle at the time of the rising saying the incantation as so below.

At the appropriate hour facing the east where the sun raises from light your incense and with the cock facing into the sun light as it rises.

Another image according to (Francis Barrett; The Magus The Complete System of Occult Philosophy; Bk One & Two) Is a King crowned sitting in a chair, having a raven in his bosom, and under his feet a globe; he is clothed in saffron coloured clothes.

They say this image renders men invincible and honourable, and helps to bring their business to a good end, and to drive away vain dreams.

Say the following invocation as you do this

“O Causer of all Causes that is still in Holy Jerusalem. 

In the Name of the Eternal Gods I ask you to grant me my wish and give me Radiance, Acceptance and the Love of this king or all the kings of the Earth.”

Following with it saying:

“Greetings O Life of the Universe and the Light of the World, answer my call and give me Radiance and Acceptance, O Sun I Call Thee by your Names; in Arabic SHAMS, in Persian MUHR, in Roman IYLYOOS, in Indian AARS and BRAA.  You are the Light and Glory of the World, the middle of all, whom greets the universe and all evil, the fixer and connecter, the highest in levels, the highest in places, I ask you to assist me with this king or all the kings of the earth or support with the state of rank or presidency and make me Radiant and Accepted as you are the Master and King of the Planets.  With you the world lights up and shines, I ask you the Controller of All to have mercy on me and my begging and submissiveness. (Picatrix The Goal of the Wise Vol II)




Astro Weather for 14 July 2013

Astro Weather for 14 Jul. 13

Moon is in Libra in the 13th Moon Mansion the mansion of sex and love, alchemical marriage, conjunction, erotic bondage.

Sun is in Cancer in his face (weak)

Mars is in Triplicity conjunct Jupiter and Jupiter is in exaltation. Do not cast talisman.

Mercury is in Term and Face making his nature more malefic, and with the Fixed Stars of Canopus (where decision making is, stubborn and with issues in domestic matters and legal issues with partners) and Sirius (good for business decisions).


Upcoming Jupiter Talisman Election and Casting/26 July 2013

Jupiter Talisman

Note:  With thanks from Christopher Warnock for helping in the calculation of the talisman I am presenting to all for consecration and casting.

Items Needed: 

Clothed in White and Yellow colours

Indigo, White or Orange Candle

Herb; Clove, Mace, Nutmeg, Basil, Betony, Fumitory, Mint, Mastic, Violets, Saffron, Peony and either Olive leaves or Pine Resin, Spikenard and Estorax.  All are easy to obtain.

Indigo or white altar cloth, gold and orange family is good too.


Click to see the larger image.

Jupiter is in exaltation and unaffiliated by Mars, in the hour of Jupiter 04:05 am and day of Jupiter.  This calculation is for San Juan, PR you will need to recalculate for according to your time zone to ensure maximum results from this casting.  The planets do not work according to our sleep cycles we sometimes have to sacrifice for the work and service we do for the gods.

(According to Agrippa; Three Books of Occult Philosophy Chpt XXXIX, pg 383)

Prolongation of Life

Jupiter being in his hour and in exaltation and fortunately ascending, a clear white stone or crystal engrave that of a Man crowned, riding upon an eagle or dragon, having in his right hand a dart, about as it were to strike it into the head of the same eagle or dragon.

Increase in Felicity/Happiness, Riches, Honour and Confers Benevolence and Prosperity and Freedom from Enemies.

You will engrave an image of Jupiter again in either a white stone or crystal and it is of a naked man crowned, having both hands joined together and lifted up, as it were deprecating something, and sitting in a four-footed chair, which is carried by four winged boys.

Glorious life and Advancement in Fortune

A figure of a man having the head of a lion, or a ram, and the eagle’s feet, clothed in saffron-coloured clothes, and he was just called the son of Jupiter.

Engrave on White Stone or Crystal you may also do so on Parchment paper or beeswax pure.

On the back you will engrave the Magic Square of Jupiter and the spirit and intelligence images for Jupiter.  The images are posted; The Seal of the Characters is first then below to the right, your right the Spirit of Jupiter and then to the left, you’re left the Intelligence of Jupiter.  The Magical Square of Jupiter it is a four by four square and you need to put the numbers in beginning with 1 and doing them in numerical order.

Images to carved in the following order on the back.


                             thCAHPLZ0L                                                     thCAMA8CIX

When casting you light the candles and incense and you suffumigate the talisman over the incense to saturate the energy of the herbs into the Talisman while chanting the following Invocation 4 times.  (Source:  Ghayat al-Hakim; Picatrix the Goal of the Wise Volume II; Chapter 7)

Peace be upon you Holy Happy Master, Hot with mild humidity, the Beautiful, the Knowledgeable, the Honest, the Rightful, the Just, the Fair, and Devout, the Wise in religion, the Apathetic, the Powerful, the Great Determiner, the Fixer, the Generous, the Great Booster, the Utilized, the Kind, the Promise Keeper, the Faithful, the Friendly, the Generous in manners.  I ask you Father in the name of all your beautiful and generous manners and our valuable deeds to do to me (state your petition here each time to recite this invocation), you the Core of all the Good and the one that makes all requests successful.

Another Invocation you can Chant (this the more common incantation)  Both are powerful when recited with force and determination.

O RAFAEL the King, the Authorizer of Jupiter, the happy, the complete, the whole, the good,, with the good  taste, the respectable, the smart, the far away from contamination and bad sayings, I call you with all your names, in Arabic MUSHTARY, in Persian BARGEES, in Barbarian HURMUS, in Greek ZAWISH, and in Indian WAHSAFT.  In the name of the Upper Creators and Gods and Blessings.  I ask you to do for me (state your petition here each time you recite this incantation).

Carry this on your person in your purse, wallet or in your home from where you pay your bills from and periodically or every Thursday do the Invocation in the Hour of Jupiter to keep the strength of the Talisman at a good level and he loves his herbs as burnt offerings.

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Appulse Lunar Eclipse of 2013 May 25

Appulse Lunar Eclipse of 2013 May 25

19 May 2013



What did the Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon say about Eclipses? Omens from Eclipses; I have not informed the king, my lord of the account of the eclipse with my own mouth, I have not yet written, so I send to the king. Of the eclipse, it’s evil up to the very month, day, watch, point of the light where it began and where the Moon pulled and drew off its eclipse—these concern its’ evil. {Quoted from No: 268 of The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Ninevah and Babylon in the British Museum, Part Two, by R. Campbell Thompson}.

The effects of the Eclipse are by how many hours it is visible in the sky with this one being visible.  We see that this eclipse is quick so this will manifest the effects of this eclipse and increase those effects from past eclipses to manifest within the next four to six months.

As so determined this Eclipse located in the 9th House (Long distance travel and national and international law are associated with the 9th house. Shipping, international water routes, maritime law, space travel, religion, belief systems and philosophy also fall under the purview of the 9th house. Societal taboos, values, mores, the legal system and transmission of the higher laws of society are reflected through the 3rd house of communication and education. The highest values of the nation are transmitted (9th/3rd) to the populace through institutions dedicated to preservation of its cherished beliefs and moral philosophy.)

Time and Path of the Eclipse

The duration of this eclipse is that of zero hours thirty-three minutes and thirty-four seconds.  As being calculated from San Juan, PR at the hour of 00:24:55 am AST ending near the hour of 13:00 AST, falling on the vespertine (darkness/shadows) of the morning to the Full Moon this eclipse is visible all over the North America, South America, Central to Eastern Canada, the Caribbean, Western Africa from the North to Southern regions and parts of Southern Greenland. This is one of square and opposing aspects from the Moon with the Rising Mars and the Sun, Mars being with Algol below the horizon and Mars being conjunct with the Tail of the Dragon.  This will magnify all the effects in which are of this eclipse on the human race.

What to expect of this Eclipse

Being of the influences of the nineteenth Arabic Moon Mansion; the ruling spirit of Amatiel and being known as the Tail of the Scorpion and that of the nature of Mercury and Mars colours ruling the nature planets are orange and red the colours of justice, truth, magic, and all things of Mercury, and that of energy, aggression, creative force, and all things of Mars.  The influences of this Arabic Moon Mansion of precaution, magical safeguards, contraception and taking one’s security seriously and the effects are confrontational, aggressive, arguments and conflicts.  Mars is the planet of blood and rules the reproductive organs as well as the genitalia.  It is fast in his nature as is the Moon which indicates things moving quick in matters surrounding this eclipse.

As with all eclipses they bring with them portends of events that will affect in this case mankind.  As we watch the current events that span the globe, we see that many countries and states are finally though in the United States is a civil right that now same-sex marriages are on the rise of becoming legal in many states and soon this will be in all in all the globe as is clear from all the countries in South America, Europe that to date have signed bills making same-sex marriage legal.  This is what is changing of the laws and customs.  This I mentioned in the last eclipse reading where it was in Sagittarius.  This is a good thing for humanity while many others due to this bring contention and quarrels trying to argue that this is immoral and against their beliefs so again this too occurs.

In this eclipse we will see much of the same as the Eclipse is on the Mid-heaven and to the west and this again shows laws will be changing, customs will become unorthodox in practice, again more contentions between cultures and beliefs/religions.  This eclipse too will affect those persons of nobility and stature who are of royal blood lines and it will increase in those countries and their quality of men that are of middle age in how they do business or run their countries.  Justices, arguments made, lawsuits and those persons who have issue with custom and have brought with them quarrels, war and bloodshed to the innocent justice.  Though this is not to say it will be without more of the same to humanity.  Being square to the Rising this which signifies the behaviour of the effects it will greatly affect humanity as with the rising being Aquarius and its’ ruler is Saturn this is the day time nature of Saturn and it is one of erratic, tendencies towards aggressive behaviour, but that of an unorthodox mind, it can also bring increase issues with those persons of mental problems.  It will be a most aggressive nature from this eclipse.  As also we see in the rising house it is with Aquarius rising, ruled by Saturn then we have Pisces in the same house as ruled by Jupiter and then Aries  ruled by Mars all three superior planets energy in the same house this can show a rise in arguments among men as well as show that of earth events dealing with earthquakes, inundations and fires or explosions.  Chaos!

Mars is opposing the Moon and Mars is with Algol/Head of Medusa this is one of the most dangerous fixed stars if setting ill with certain luminaries or planets.  In this case she is of great evil and portends many evils as she is below the heavens and with the Sun which is opposing the Moon.  Here it brings dangers to an increase in loss of life by the hand of another and because prior to Mercury being connected to this house it was known as the house of the Goddess and the Moon rejoiced in this house.  Making it more closely associated to that of the Occult practices and that of religion.  So here we may see a rise in those turning their backs on one belief to follow that of another.  As we also have the Tail of the Dragon in this house and this is yet another malevolent placement be watchful of attacks against those who in society are not of an orthodox belief.  We may see a rise in persecution but with justice being handed down and today with the laws changing as well as customs in cultures and beliefs it is the new age of awakening and with that comes great battles.

Those born at this exact hour will be born with the eyes as blue as the sea.

In looking at the decan/face in which the eclipse is in, it sits in the first face/decan of Sagittarius and this portends increase in thievery and a rise in sexual attacks.

Also we see in this decan of the sign Sagittarius a rise in danger seditions (incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government) among those serving in government and especially between men, egos will fly and we will see greater opposition against those new laws, stubborn as to allowing new laws to pass and lack of compromise.  There will be a sense of fear and distrust in those deals made; a feeling of distrust and deceit in order for one gain over the other.

Being an eclipse that is of the Spring time it will destroy those beautiful growths of flowers and trees by that of fires or intended destruction of the land to build.

In the stars this is at the degree in which is of the nature of both Saturn and Jupiter and influenced by Antares which is the 4° degree and in the weather patterns it portends an increase in snow storms around the globe in those areas where the eclipse is most dominant in visibility.

Note:  See also my other writing at http://afsanaydely.com/category/astrology/eclipses/ on diseases and the replies.  There have already been cases of the plague in the US since my last predictions from the past eclipses.

We will see in the weather, Strong winds, heavy rains, thunder and lightning this is because of Arcturus’s placement with Mars.  Also we will see in the weather continued heavy showers and thunder due to the continued placement of Saturn with Spica.

Note:  Review my other writings from the Eclipses from 2011 June and 2012 May they are heavy with dangerous weather patterns at http://afsanaydely.com/category/astrology/eclipses/


  • Gadbury, John; Eclipses
  • Clausen-Velez, Ariana; Eclipses (Archive) Written on Diana’s Mirror at http://afsanaydely.com
  • Cornell, H.L. ; Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology (bottom note)

Note:  Eclipses affect those individuals whose maps of birth have configurations similar to those at the time of an eclipse, and who may also be living under the shadow of the eclipse, or if it is visible to them.  At the Solar Eclipse the solar activity is depleted and low.  At the New Moon if an Eclipse of the Moon the Lunar activity is more depleted than that of the Solar Eclipses is portends which should not be overlooked.  The effect of the Solar Eclipse endures a year for every hour the Sun is eclipsed and a month for every hour the Moon is eclipsed.  An Eclipse of the Sun especially falling on the places of malefics in the radical map tend to renew and increase the original strength of such malefic, whether it relates to trouble, sickness, or death.  No effect of an eclipse can be very good even falling on the place of a benefic (this being either Jupiter or Venus), but the evil effects ascribed to them are probable.  The Lord of an Eclipse being in a human sign its evil effects will fall upon Mankind.

They are more important and serious in their effects if they occur on a birthday, and take part in the Solar revelation.  A male born at the time of a Solar eclipse may not breathe, or expire soon after birth and with a female born at the eclipse of the Moon.  An eclipse of the Sun threatens some male members of the family with sickness, hurt or death, and an Eclipse of the Moon some female member.  An eclipse falling on the Moon in a child’s map denotes hurt to the Mother; falling on the Sun, hurt to the father, on the place of Jupiter, hurt to the uncle; on the place of Mars to a brother; on the place of Venus, a hurt to a sister ; on the place of Mercury a hurt to an aunt.

Further occurrences are in the areas of afflictions and diseases.